7 Great Ideas of Where to Store Power Wheels

7 Great Ideas of Where to Store Power Wheels

A Power Wheels car may be the single most important toy in your child’s possession.

That’s why it is imperative to properly maintain it for the longest time possible. So with that, you should find the best place to store the Power Wheels.

As a rule of thumb, the best place to store Power Wheels is in the garage. Not only does it add another layer of simulation with that of a real-life car, but placing it on an overhead shelf or a garage rack keeps it protected from damage.

Power Wheels vehicles may still be considered toys, but they contain materials that should be handled with care and protection.

Check out how you can store Power Wheels the right way in the next few lines.

How Do You Store Power Wheels?

Storing Power Wheels could be permanent or temporary.

Naturally, once your kids start to enter their teenage years, toys like Power Wheels are either kept for future use or donated.

They can also be stored for a short period of time, especially when the season doesn’t permit riding the Power Wheels.

Winter, for example, keeps the kids mostly inside. So, if your indoor area is not large enough to have your little one riding the Power Wheels, chances are you’ll have to place it somewhere safe until weather permits its use.

Of course, storing Power Wheels should be part of the tidying-up habit you impose on your kids.

So, how exactly should you keep the Power Wheels in storage?

Fortunately, you don’t need to go further to get the answer to this question. Instead, here are some of the most effective ways to store Power Wheels.

Overhead Garage

Installing overhead storage Heavy Duty on amazon in the garage maximizes the space in the area. You can add hooks on the ledgers of the rack and carefully attach the Power Wheels.

You can place the entire toy car on the overhead board if you’re planning for long-term storage. The elevation of this storage space protects the Power Wheels from potential flooding or damage from other items stored in the cramped space.

Storage Racks

If you have more than one Power Wheels Car or alternative products, it would be worth your time and money to buy or make a freestanding multi-level storage rack.

This space-saving structure allows you to properly organize several items including huge toys, without sacrificing bigger areas.

Wall-mounted Racks

When your garage has a tight space, you can opt for a Koova Wall Mount Storage Rack on amazon. Then, you can place the Power Wheels on the installed board or joists without sacrificing plenty of room.

Likewise, you can store other items neatly instead of having them stacked on the garage floor.

Long-term Storage

When it comes to long-term storage, the key is security.

You have to keep in mind that having the Power Wheels stored, even for a long time, means that somewhere in the future, it will be ridden again.

So, consider the following storage rooms for your child’s Power Wheels.


The basement is always the go-to storage room. That’s why it only makes sense to keep the unused Power Wheels there.

However, you don’t simply lay the ride-on car on the basement floor. It is recommended to have it covered and cleaned before storage.

Also, check the humidity in the room. If it is high, consider another area. Otherwise, it’s alright to keep the Power Wheels in the basement.


If you don’t have a basement, but a loft or an attic is available, you can use it to store items like the Power Wheels. Just be extra careful when carrying the toy car so no damage can be sustained during its transport.

Outdoor Storage Shelf

With the absence of a garage or basement, you can build an outdoor storage shelf not just for the Power Wheels but also for other objects.

Moreover, you can also attach one to an existing shed so that you can have extra room for storage.

Can Power Wheels Be Left Outside?

No, it is discouraged to leave Power Wheels outside, especially for a long time. Power Wheels vehicles are made of electrical components and other parts that can be damaged when exposed to certain weather conditions.

For example, if you leave the Power Wheels outside when it’s raining, its exposure to water can lead to the formation of rust which, as we all know, can destroy the toy car gradually.

In addition to that, if you leave the Power Wheels all night long, it could accumulate moisture that will corrode some parts, causing critical deterioration.

It is still best to keep the Power Wheels in a dry, cool place to preserve its components.

Tips to Storing and Extending the Lifespan of Power Wheels

Proper storage is a crucial step to extending the life of the Power Wheels. But storage alone is not enough.

There are several tips you also need to undertake to ensure that the Power Wheels will last for the longest time possible.

1. Clean the Power Wheels regularly

Dirt and grimes must be removed as frequently as possible. Otherwise, they could cause substantial degradation on the components of the Power Wheels.

They usually accumulate on the surface and crevices of the tires, so that’s one part you should always check. Aside from that, clean the underside of the car.

2. Cover the Power Wheels when stored for a long time

With a proper cover, you can protect the Power Wheels from the dust accumulation or exposure to water leaks. A blanket would suffice, but if you have any material similar to an actual car cover, that would be better.

3. Remover the battery before long-term storage

If your child has moved on from riding the Power Wheels and you wish to keep it for possible re-use, make sure that you remove the batteries. By doing this, you add another layer of protection to the car from corrosion or rusting.

Batteries are prone to this chemical reaction when exposed to water. Although you might already be placing the Power Wheels in a dry, cool place with low humidity, adding another safety measure couldn’t hurt.

4. Store the Power Wheels away from harmful materials

Do not place the Power Wheels near chemicals that can cause damage. This includes fuel, thinners, bleach, and other toxic substances.

Your garage may seem safe, but with limited monitoring, you won’t immediately know if there is substantial contact between the Power Wheels and these harmful items.

Likewise, keep it away from sharp objects and other items that could cause scratches.

Final Thoughts

Power Wheels mimic actual cars not just in form but also in the amount of care it needs. So it’s an excellent practice for your kid to prepare them to maintain a vehicle properly.

Designating a suitable storage area is a critical part of the Power Wheels maintenance. Therefore, it requires several considerations involving safety from any damage or theft.

Likewise, it is crucial to ensure that the Power Wheels are cleaned up and thoroughly covered before keeping them away for a long time.

With proper care, you may be preserving a sentimental toy that could serve more than one generation of children.