Ride On Toys For 2-7 Year Olds Buyer’s Guide

Tow kids riding their Ride On Toys

The best ride-on toys for a child between the age of tow and seven are going to be different depending on their size. The majority of these rides have been made with smaller children in mind, so it can be hard to find one that will suit your needs as well!

One of the most important things is their safety while riding in a car seat or stroller. To help you out, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite ride on toys for 2-7 year old children that will keep them entertained and safe at all times!
Best Ride On Toys For 2-7 Year Olds: The Ultimate List

Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon:

The Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon is a symbol of American childhood. This all-steel wagon has no-scratch edges and folds for easy storage. It also has an extra long handle, 10” durable steel wheels with real rubber tires, and a controlled turning radius to prevent tipping.

The Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon can hold up to 150 pounds and is recommended for children 1 ½ years old or older.

It's the perfect gift for any child who loves being outdoors!
Available in red only. 

The Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon is the perfect way to get your kids outside and exploring. It’s durable, easy to use, and built to last.

Little Tykes Cozy Coupe:

We all know that kids love to drive, and now with the Cozy Coupe they can do it safely.

The new friendly face on the front is sure to delight your little one while you enjoy a smoother ride. With its removable floorboard, parents will be happy too!

It’s recommended for children ages 18 months - 5 years

Your child will have hours of fun driving around in this kid-powered vehicle. And with a weight limit of up to 50 lbs., there’s plenty of room for growth so your child can use their Cozy Coupe for years to come.

your child deserves nothing but the best of everything, which is why we've made sure this product is safe and durable enough for any type of terrain - indoors or out! They'll also love how easy it is to operate thanks to its moving ignition switch and 360-degree spinning wheels. 

Schwinn Roadster Tricycle for Toddlers and Kids:

Do you want to buy a trike for your toddler?

The Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is the perfect first bike. It's designed with a low center of gravity, making climbing on and off during play easy and safe. This retro-styled children's trike has mustache-style cruiser handlebars, chrome fenders, and a bell that adds nostalgic flair that Mom and Dad will appreciate.

Your future roadster rolls quickly and smoothly down the neighborhood because it has 12-inch wheels in the back and 8-inch wheels upfront. And assembly is required but not difficult - just follow the instructions!

It’s recommended for children ages 2 to 4 years old

You'll love how this tricycle looks as much as your child does - it comes in three colors (red, blue, or green) so you can pick one that matches their personality best! Plus, there are plenty of accessories available like baskets, bells, or streamers to make them feel extra special when they ride around town on their new bike! Order today before they're gone!

Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangle:

Are you looking for a new car?

The Barbie Jammin’ Jeep Wrangler is the perfect ride-on toy for your little one. It features a sturdy frame that can support up to 130 pounds, while the smooth contours and rounded edges inside offer extra protection for your young driver. Your child will love exploring their surroundings with this battery-powered vehicle. And it's not just great on hard surfaces; it also drives well on grass!

It’s recommended for children ages 3 to 7 years old

This ride-on toy comes preloaded with 6 jammin’ tunes so they can enjoy some music as they cruise around town. They'll have tons of fun opening and closing the doors, too! With roomy storage in the back, there's plenty of space to bring along all their favorite toys or snacks when they go out on an adventure. 

Kid Trax Toddler Disney Princess:

Kids love to play with cars, but not all kids have the ability to drive a car. That’s why Kid Trax created this amazing ride-on toy that is perfect for little hands and big imaginations.

This Disney Princess-themed hot rod styled 6V Battery Powered Ride On Toy from Kid Trax features easy push-button acceleration that is perfect for little hands. It also has Kid Trax Power Trax rubber traction strip tires for all-terrain performance making it adventurous yet safe.

It’s recommended for ages 36 months - 5 years.

The maximum weight capacity of this toy is 45-pound maximum weight capacity and has been designed to be easy to assemble with no tools required. It’s recommended for ages 18 months to 30 months and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

You want your child to experience what driving feels like without actually having them behind the wheel? Then get them this awesome ride-on toy today! They will be able to enjoy hours of fun as they pretend they are driving their favorite Disney princesses around town in style! 

Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy:

Looking for a new toy?

The Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy is a perfect choice. It's a high-quality, safe, and controllable ride-on toy that will keep your child entertained for hours on end! With its sleek design, this electric ride-on toy can easily maneuver around obstacles at variable speeds up to 6 mph. Your child will have tons of fun with this one!

The Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy is the perfect gift for any child who loves to be on the go.

This ride-on has an extended battery life of up to 2 hours and can support weight up to 110 lbs. It’s lightweight, portable, and easy to store with dimensions of 31.1 (L) x 25.2 (W) x 8.4 (H).

This product is recommended for ages 6+.

You won’t regret buying this product. It’s guaranteed to be an excellent investment in your child’s happiness as well as their future development skills. 

Go Kart Pedal Car – 4-Wheel Ride On Toy:

Do you have a child who needs to get outside and be active?

Go Kart Pedal Cars are the perfect toy for children ages 3-7. These go-kart pedal cars are designed with bright racing decals, molded seats, and sporty steering wheels.

They're easy to ride and provide hours of fun! The 4-wheel design is smooth, quiet, and simple to operate.

Made from rugged high-quality plastics that can hold up to 55 lbs., these go-carts for kids will last through years of playtime.

Great for both outdoor or indoor playing! Some assembly required. Dimensions: (L) 37” x (W) 25” x (H) 20”.

It's made from durable materials so it'll last through years of playtime without breaking down on them when they need it most!

You won't find another product like this one on the market today - we guarantee it'll be worth every penny spent on it because they'll love riding around in their new favorite toy all day long!

Reeves International The Big Dig and Roll Ride-On:

The Big Dig and Roll are a sandbox digging toy that encourages kids to get outside, play and use their imaginations.

This sturdy metal construction sandbox digger with 360° swivel action can reach 33" when the crane arm is fully extended.

It has two-handed digging and dumping action for hours of fun in the sand, dirt, or snow! Kids will love using this sandbox digger to explore what's hidden beneath the surface.

With its seat and crane arm that swivels 360°, your child will be able to enjoy all sorts of different types of activities while playing with this sandbox digger.

You'll never have to worry about them getting bored again! And it's perfect for bringing along on trips to the beach or playground too!

Are ride-on toys safe?

We have addressed any and all questions related to safety in terms of ride-on toys for children.

Ride-on toys are designed by companies that produce them with safe materials, such as rubber tires or metal springs, so there is no concern about potential harm if they're used properly.

In addition to that, there are many options for ride-on toys that have safety features, such as adjustable seats or handles.

Parents can even find accessories to convert their child's bike into a ride-on toy by adding it onto the frame of the bicycle with an attachment device.


The best ride-on toys for 3-7-year-olds are those that offer a mix of durability, entertainment value, and affordability.

We hope this article has been helpful in finding the best ride-on toys for your 3-7-year-olds. If you have any questions or want to chat about what we discussed, please reach out!