Powered Ride On Wheels for Grass Buyer’s Guide

best power wheels for grass
Best Power Wheels for Grass

The ever-evolving nature of children’s toys often leaves parents and guardians flabbergasted. Children these days prefer toys that closely resonate with adult paraphernalia.

Thus, the toy industry started building miniature vehicles to curb the widespread population demand. However, like all toys, choosing the right model of power wheels vehicle for children can be overwhelming.

Therefore, we have compiled a list to help you pick the best power wheels for grass for your child.

Best Power Wheels for Grass: A Review

1. Power Wheels BBQ Fun Jeep Wrangler

The Power Wheels BBQ Fun Jeep Wrangler is a fantastic two-seater electric toy vehicle because of its multiple safety systems. It is the perfect toy for toddlers between three and seven years old looking for some controlled independence.

The Power-Lock braking system works well with the high-speed lockout system to prevent unforeseen accidents.


In the Power Wheels BBQ Fun Jeep Wrangler, you will find many fun-loving features and safety-enhancing systems to ensure a holistic experience.

This battery-powered vehicle features two gears: forward and reverse gear with varying speed levels. In the forward gear, kids can zoom past you at a maximum of five mph speed.

On the other hand, the overall speed is reduced to 2.5 mph. To ensure safety and provide parents some semblance of control, the Power-Lock feature stops the vehicle when the foot is off the pedal.

Additionally, there is a speed lock-out screw that can be placed within the shifter to prevent the vehicle from over speeding. When this screw is engaged, the vehicle’s speed cuts back to 2.5 mph in the forward gear.

You will also find that the power wheel vehicle provides ample room for role-play adventures. There is a detachable flying disk on the hood and a removable make-believe grill with knobs and food pieces for versatile playing options.

We also found that there are operational doors in the vehicle to give the impression of a real car when entering or exiting.


  • Ample storage space
  • Multiple play options
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Realistic grilling and driving sound effects


  • Longer assembly time
  • No seatbelts

2. Power Wheels Fisher-Price Racing ATV

This model is perfect if you are looking for a one-seater Power Wheels vehicle that resonates closely with an actual ATV experience!

The Power Wheels Fisher-Price Racing ATV is perhaps the fastest battery-operated vehicle on our list, with a full range of security specifications.


One of the most attractive features of this vehicle is the two levels of forwarding speeding gears and a single reverse gear color-coded for identification.

Users can go fast at six mph by pressing the green-colored forward gear or go slower at three mph via the yellow button. The red switch given is for easy reversing at a predetermined slow speed setting.

We found the color-coded panel extremely attractive and user-friendly, especially for a young customer base ranging from three to seven years of age.

There are parent-controlled and high-speed lock-out features given to ensure maximum safety against over acceleration. Both features prevent users from going too fast by either cutting back their speed or disengaging acceleration with simultaneous braking.

You will also find that, unlike other battery-operated vehicles, this one allows longer continuous usage up to four hours in one charge.


  • Compatible with multiple terrains
  • Built-in supportive shock absorbers 
  • An easily identifiable gear panel
  • Safe from over acceleration


  • No pretend-play toys included
  • Not suitable for groups
  • Helmet not included

3.Power Wheels Jurassic World

If you have a dino-loving kid, then the Power Wheels Jurassic World is the perfect four-wheel two-seater vehicle to get. Sound effects support the Jurassic Park-inspired graphics to catapult your child’s pretend play to a whole new level.


At first glance, you will automatically get transported into the make-believe world of Jurassic Park. This miniature four-wheel-drive personifies the jeeps in the series at both visual and auditory levels.

Other than the interactive graphics all over the jeep, the radio is designed to produce driving and dinosaur sound effects to enhance pretend playtimes.

We also found that there is a working light bar for kids looking for a nighttime adventure. The two-seater vehicle can comfortably fit two children between the ages of three and seven with ample space for storage as well.

In terms of speed variations, there are two varying forward speed gears at 2.5 mph and five mph, respectively. There is also a reverse gear given to help the kids easily maneuver and get out of compromising situations.

You will find that the combination of speed gears ensures a versatile learning opportunity as kids learn to control the vehicle and acceleration early on.


  • Long battery life
  • Multi-surface utility
  • Replaceable wheels available


  • No seatbelts included
  • No power-lock tool

4. Power Wheels Gameday Jeep Wrangler

The Power Wheels Gameday Jeep Wrangler is ready for a sporty day out. This two-seater four-wheel toy vehicle’s sports-themed design includes a practice net to support your child’s soccer, baseball, and football adventures.

The single forward gear and reverse gear ensure more control and build capacity for learning more about acceleration.


At first glance, you will immediately fall in love with this vehicle’s extremely versatile and durable design. For example, the two-seater design can easily support three to seven-year-old children and ensures group play.

The wheel’s tread allows your kid to use this vehicle on uneven and slippery surfaces without compromising your kid’s safety.

You will also find that the power-lock and the parent-controlled system ensure maximum safety against unintended acceleration. The power-lock mechanism is specifically designed to counter acceleration by shutting down the entire system when the foot is off the pedal.

Additionally, the parent-controlled system prevents the vehicle from going over five mph, even on downward-facing ramps.

We particularly found the practice net with supporting balls and sound effects from the radio system very excitable, especially for sporty boys and girls.

The three different balls cater to a wider customer base that loves football, soccer, and baseball. Moreover, the net has a dual purpose.

When not in use, it can be the perfect storage solution for carrying the balls and preventing them from getting lost.

In terms of speed control, there are two gears given to support both forward moving and reversing functions with ease and comfort.

Although children do not have an option to choose between different speed levels in the forward gear, they can control the speed at five mph.

In terms of entering and exiting the vehicle, while there aren’t real-life doors, it is built low enough for your kid to hop in and out easily.


  • Supports companion rides
  • Immersive playtime with sound effects
  • Treaded wheels for maximum traction


  • Not many acceleration levels
  • No seat belts for safety

5. Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer

Our first impression of the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is that it is meant for some serious riding. The high six mph speed combined with the sturdy steel frame and one-seater design makes this a powerful vehicle for dino-lovers.


Unlike other Jurassic Park-themed four-wheel miniature vehicles, this one has a notable dinosaur face upfront that builds on the overall excitement.

You will find that the only source of pretend play in this vehicle is the manually operated dinosaur’s mouth, which mimics biting and chomping motions.

Despite the lack of options for pretend play, this miniature ATV vehicle still packs in a real punch with a maximum of six mph speed. This two geared vehicle can reach up to three mph in the reverse drive to help maneuver out of tight spots.

We also found that although this power wheel offers one of the highest speed levels, it is not void of necessary safety measures. An inbuilt Power-Lock system renders the toy powerless if the acceleration pedal is released, preventing accidental runs.

Additionally, there is a parent locking system that allows for easy monitoring of the vehicle’s speed from a distance.

As children learn to control the vehicle and acceleration system better, parents can gradually increase the speed capacity.

In terms of durability, you will find that the sturdy steel chassis of the vehicle can withstand the usual bumps of an uneven landscape.

Moreover, there are wider than usual tires with deep treads that enhance stability and grip over various terrains, including muddy and wet grass.


  • Enhanced safety measures
  • Maximum traction with enhanced tread
  • Increased comfort with spring suspension


  • Not suitable for group play
  • No helmet or seat belt included

How To Choose the Best Power Wheels for Grass?

Power wheels have realistic and working features that require extra attention when choosing the right model for your child. We found that these electric vehicles for children are powerful toys that need to be vetted properly before deciding.

Below are some common factors of concern that you must consider before purchasing one for your kid.


The number of seats in a power wheels vehicle will determine its price and utility. While one-seater models may be cheaper than their two-seater counterparts, you will find that these are not conducive when playing in a group.

We found that two-seater power wheels are more often the preferential choice for parents with multiple kids of the same age group. Extra seating capacity also helps when children have company over for playdates.


Although gears may not sound like an essential feature to consider, we found that having a variety can exponentially affect usage.

On average, it is always a good idea to opt for a model that will at least have a forward moving and reverse gear. Depending on your child’s age and usage, we recommend looking for two additional forward gears with varying speeds.

You will find that the reverse gear will help your child easily navigate and get out of tight spots without requiring any additional help.

On the other hand, the varying forward speed gears will help them control the vehicle better by gradually moving on to faster settings.

In some power wheel models, we also found a parental locking mechanism that prevents children from using the faster gears without supervision.

Type of Traction and Tread

One of the most concerning features of a power wheels vehicle is the dearth of traction on varying surfaces. This is primarily because of the lightweight of the vehicle and usually, the plastic built of the wheels.

Therefore, these vehicles lack acceleration control, making the wheels rotate faster at a preset speed when turned on.

Additionally, the lightweight chassis and plain wheels may further instigate a jerky start and stop, which can be dangerous, especially in large groups of children.

In this case, we suggest looking for models with wheels with some level of tread on them to offer more stability. You can also look for models that allow adjustments to install rubber treads on the existing wheels.

Reliable Power Source

Power wheel vehicles are generally expensive toys; therefore, ensuring reliability for longevity is particularly important.

While the body and wheels are generally sturdy enough, we found that the most commonly occurring issue with these vehicles is the battery.

Parents and guardians are recommended to understand charging sequences properly after purchase to increase battery life. Before purchase, we recommend ensuring that there is a high-quality and extremely reliable battery installed.

Safety Features

While most power wheel vehicles lack seat belts or safety helmets in the packaging, it is important to look out for other safety measures.

For instance, having a Power-Lock system will help cut off the power when the accelerating pedal is not engaged. This will help reduce the chances of sudden acceleration that could lead to unforeseen falls.

Additionally, some models have parent-controlled features which allow parents to allow their children to enjoy high speeds gradually. You will find that this feature is most effective when there is a group of children playing together.

That is because it significantly reduces the chances of getting hurt due to over-speeding, which is common, especially when children are thoroughly indulged in play.

Final Recommendation

We found that both single-seater vehicles in our list had dual forward speed gears; they were not very conducive to pretend-play in groups.

Therefore, we concluded that the best Power Wheels for grass is the Power Wheels BBQ Fun Jeep Wrangler for several reasons.

For instance, it has numerous pretend-to-play toys included, such as the removable grill, food play pieces, easy, and a flying disc.

Additionally, the Power-Lock brakes and parent-controlled systems are intelligent safety systems to protect the young ones from a distance.