Powered Ride On The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The Best Power Wheels
The Best Power Wheels

Whether you're doing holiday shopping, or just looking for a great gift that any kid will love, motorized vehicles made by Power Wheels or other companies are great ideas.

With that in mind, it's important to read reviews before buying one of these motorized vehicles. For one, many companies make these types of toys.

Also, for most people, these vehicles are going to be one of those big-ticket items. This all means that you'll need to make sure you're making the right purchase. Considering that, you might have questions about power wheels that need answers.

Don't worry; we're here to help you out. Instead of spending hours or days doing research and reading reviews, we've got everything you need right here.

With that in mind, let's take a closer look at the best power wheels.

TOBBI Kids Ride-On Truck Style:

If you're looking for a powered ride-on that looks just like a miniature Jeep brand vehicle, check out the Tobbi Kids Ride-On Truck.

Like many of the cars you'll see on this list, the TOBBI Kids Ride-On Truck can be driven by either a child or an adult. For an adult to control this power wheel vehicle, they'll need to use the remote that comes with this toy.

One of the Best Power Wheels for 5 Year Olds

We recommend this motorized vehicle for children ranging from 3 to 5 years old. Younger children might do alright in this car, but the manufacturer strongly advises that an adult helps out with the remote control.

This power wheel offers top speeds that are perfect for younger children. Parents will be glad to know that this ride-on features a seatbelt to keep your child safe. If your child wants a faster motorized vehicle, read our guide on how to modify a power wheel.

Plenty of Features for a Child to Enjoy

What makes this ride-on car great for a child is the wide range of features it contains. Every child will love the realistic LED lights. Plus, there's a lot to enjoy as a child sits down in this power wheel, including an MP3 player, auxiliary input, TF card slot, and a USB port.


  • LED headlights
  • MP3 player/USB port
  • Available in both red and pink
  • Waterproof tires


  • One-seater  
  • Might not be fast enough for children ages 6 and up.

Fitnessclub Mercedes-Benz G65 - Best Power Wheels for Mercedes Fans:

We've covered how popular ride-on cars are from actual automobile companies, especially Land Rover power wheels. However, Land Rover is far from the only company partnering with ride-on car manufacturers.

Another popular motorized vehicle for children is the Fitnessclub Mercedes-Benz G65. This vehicle is officially licensed by the Mercedes-Benz company, meaning this ride-on looks identical to the real thing! It even features a polyurethane leather seat.

This motorized vehicle is powered by a 12-volt battery that features both overload and overcharge protection. These features are important for parents that hate dealing with any battery-related issues that sometimes happen with these vehicles.

Other popular features of this ride-on vehicle are remote control functionality, LED lights, and rear storage space. It's available in either Peacock Blue or Red. This ride-on car has a weight limit of 66 lbs.

A Powerful Ride-On Car

Something that separates this motorized vehicle from many others is that it features two motors. With this kind of power, it should be easy for your child to drive on and off the road. To help balance out this power, the Fitnessclub Mercedes-Benz G5 also features a spring suspension system. This feature helps to reduce vibration and provide a smooth ride.


  • Looks identical to a real Mercedes-Benz G65  
  • Polyurethane seats
  • MP3 player
  • Spring suspension system


  • One seater
  • Some assembly required

 BAHOM Kids Ride-On Car:

Available in black, pink, or red, the BAHOM Kids Ride-On Car is another popular choice. This motorized vehicle features a sharp design that will appeal to almost any child. It features front and rear flashing lights that provide a realistic driving experience.

This ride-on vehicle seats two people, perfect for any child that wants to bring a friend along for the ride. It's also a spacious vehicle that's great for older children to enjoy. Children will also love the realistic key start-up feature. This motorized vehicle has a maximum weight limit of 110 lbs.

Safety for Children and Peace of Mind for Parents

The BAHOM Kids Ride-On Car has safety features to ensure that children remain safe in this motorized vehicle. One of these features is seat belts that keep children safe and secure. Another popular safety feature is that this vehicle can be controlled by a remote. This feature is perfect for parents that want to have control over their child's ride-on car.


  • 2-seater
  • Larger weight capacity of 110 lbs
  • 3 color options to choose from
  • Remote control capability


  • Only reaches a top speed of 3 mph 

Rock Wheels Licensed Toyota Tundra Ride-On Truck:

Throughout this year, many children loved spending time driving around in The Tundra Truck. In this motorized vehicle, it's easy for children to explore the great outdoors. The Tundra Truck features an incredibly cool camouflage paint job and receives power from a 12-volt battery. If you need a longer-lasting battery, don't miss our guide on power wheel batteries.

A Rugged Ride-On Car With Lots of Cool Features

This isn't where the features end for this ride-on car. The Tundra Truck Ride-On Vehicle also features an MP3 connection and a USB port, allowing kids to play their favorite songs while driving. Another cool feature of this ride-on car is its working headlights that will help illuminate the path ahead.

With this vehicle's realistic horn and start-up sounds, any child will feel like they're driving a full-sized automobile. Plus, The Tundra Truck also comes with a remote control. This remote control lets parents safely steer any youngsters sitting in this ride-on car.


  • Working headlights  
  • USB/SD/AUX connectivity


  • Only seats one person  

TOBBI Mercedes-Benz Kids Ride-On Car:

If the Mercedes Benz G5 isn't to your liking, you might like another popular officially licensed ride-on car from TOBBI. The Mercedes-Benz Kids Ride-On Car has a lot of features your kids will love. Plus, it's easy for adults to move with its retractable handle and wheels.

Looks Just Like the Real Thing

Just like an actual Mercedes-Benz, this power wheel vehicle features openable doors as well as headlights and taillights. You can also use the included remote control to easily control a child and their passenger in this two-seater motorized vehicle. The remote control that comes with this ride-on features multiple speed settings, ensuring children aren't traveling too fast.

The Mercedes-Benz Ride-On Car features an MP3 player and a USB port. With rear storage space, your child can bring along as much as they want. You'll also have several color options to choose from, as this vehicle is available in either black, white, or red. This motorized vehicle is best for children 3 to 6 years old.


  • Extremely stylish and officially licensed
  • 2-seater with dual seat belt
  • Manual driving and remote control options
  • USB/MP3 player


  • Might be a little too expensive for some

Kidzone Electric Ride-On ATV:

Not every popular ride-on vehicle has to be a car. If you or your child want something different, you'll want to learn more about the Kidzone Electric Ride-On ATV. Designed to look like an ATV, this ride-on is much safer for children than the real deal.

One of the Best Power Wheels for 6 Year Olds

Being that this vehicle is an ATV, it features wear-resistant wheels that can withstand most driving conditions. Plus, it also has an extended seating area for maximum comfort. This motorized ATV also features wear-resistant tires. Made of durable plastic, these tires work well for helping your child conquer any terrain.

The Personalized License Plate is a Fun Feature

One neat feature of this motorized vehicle from Kidzone is that it comes with a license plate area that you or your child can personalize. Don't get your hopes up too high, as this feature just means you get a set of number and letter stickers. However, it's a small feature that is still a lot of fun for most children.

Other popular features of this vehicle include realistic engine and horn sounds. This vehicle can travel both forward and backward. Plus, it even features a front brush guard that helps protect this vehicle if it runs into something. It's also easy for a child to enjoy their favorite songs in this vehicle, thanks to its built-in radio, USB port, and Bluetooth connectivity.

If this isn't what you're looking for, you might want to learn more about other power wheel motorcycles for kids.


  • Radio/Bluetooth/USB port  
  • Personalizing the license plate is fun for children
  • Fun engine and horn sounds
  • Features two 12-volt 35W drive motors


  • No remote control drivability
  • 1-seater

METAKOO Ride On Tractor With Trailer:

Some children want a power wheel that is better suited to the countryside. If this is the case with your child, you might want to order the METAKOO Tractor. it's also comes with a large trailer. This trailer is perfect for storing your child's toys and other items.

This power wheel features a low and high-speed setting, reaching a maximum speed of 4.5 mph. For parents of younger drivers, you'll be glad to know this vehicle features a lockout that limits this vehicle's speed to about 2 mph. With its 12-volt battery, this motorized vehicle will provide lots of playtime for any child.

This versatile power wheel is best for children ages 3 to 7 years old.


  • Features the signature green and yellow John Deere color combination
  • Wheels that provide extra traction
  • A large detachable, stake-side trailer
  • FM radio


  • No USB port  
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Kid Motorz Patrol Police Pink Ride-On: Best Power Wheels for Girls:

Kid Motorz recently released a popular line of ride-on cars that remain popular. If there's a fan of pink in your family, they'll love the Kid Motorz Patrol Police Ride-On. This motorized vehicle is capable of traveling both forward and reverse directions. It's also quite fast, reaching a top speed of 5 mph (2 mph in reverse).

The Kid Motorz Patrol Police Ride-On also features realistic lights and sounds. With headlights, hazard lights, and signal lights, your child will feel like they're on a real motorcycle. The hand accelerator is also a great feature for children that don't know how to use or can't reach foot pedals.

It's worth mentioning that this motorized vehicle doesn't come with a remote control. This missing feature means that this power wheel might be best for slightly older drivers. The manufacturer recommends this vehicle is best for children ages 5 to 9 years old. This is definitely one of the best power wheels for 6 year olds.


  • A great option for slightly older children
  • Design and decals look like an actual police motorcycle
  • Working headlights and taillight
  • Realistic sounds
  • Rear storage compartment


  • No remote control option
  • Only seats one person

Wonderlanes Beyond Infinity Mack Dump Truck:

Last but not least, there's the Wonderlanes Beyond Infinity Mack Dump Truck. This motorized vehicle looks just like a real Mack Truck. Plus, it has a wide range of neat features. Your children will enjoy the opening and closing doors that offer easy entry into this vehicle. Since it seats two children, your child can travel with one of their best friends.

Best Power Wheel for Mack Fans

This semi-truck power wheel also features working lights and sounds to mimic the feeling of driving a real Mack Truck. One of the standout features of this ride-on car is its dump bed. Much like an actual dump truck, this ride-on car's dump bed allows a child to load and unload just about anything. It also travels both forward and backward, letting your child drive in any direction.


  • Comfortably seats two children
  • Working dump bed
  • Forward and reverse gears


  • A bit pricier than our other picks
  • Only available in pink
  • No remote control option


We hope you enjoyed our look at the best power wheels. Each of the motorized vehicles in this list has its own unique pros and cons. But we're confident that your child will be more than happy with one of the ride-on cars on this list. For more information about ride-on cars, power wheels, and other types of motorized vehicles, visit bestpowerwheel.com.