Powered Ride On for Girls The Ultimate Guide

The Best Power Wheels for Girls
Power Wheels for girls

power wheels for girls

I’m sure you can imagine a boy or two driving around in a cool-looking power wheel. These types of motorized vehicles are fun for boys of all ages. But who says that boys get to have all of the fun? 

Fortunately, there are many popular power wheels available online for girls to enjoy.

As you might already know, it doesn’t take much searching before you are overwhelmed by all of the power wheels for sale online. Let me help save you some time (and a lot of energy) as I show you the best power wheels for girls.

The Best Power Wheels for Girls Reviews and Comparisons:

Before buying a product, it’s always important to do your research. With that in mind, I’m here to help you find and choose the best power wheels that any girl will love! This list is the result of lots of hours spent researching these products and checking out reviews across the internet. Here are the best power wheels for girls.

Best Choice Products 6V Ride-On Truck:

Are you the parent of a younger child, like a toddler? If so, you might be on the fence about buying a power wheel for your child. Fortunately, you’ll be glad to know that there are 6V power wheels available.

In most cases, 6V or volt power wheels are the slowest vehicles on the market. The Best Choice Products 6V Ride-On Truck features a top speed of 2 miles per hour. While it might not be the best for older children, this ride-on car should be more than enough speed for a toddler. 

For more information, check out a recent post I wrote comparing 6V vs 12V power wheels.

Another thing that’s great about this power wheel is that it features both manual and remote control capabilities. This means that your young child can operate this vehicle by themselves. Or, if you’re feeling a bit worried, you can use the remote control device to take over for your child.

This motorized vehicle also features LED headlights and a realistic built-in horn. Plus, your child can connect a media device to this ride-on car’s AUX outlet and hear their favorite music.

Cheap Power Wheels for Girls

Another major perk of this power wheel is that it’s incredibly inexpensive. It’s not uncommon to find power wheels for sale that might cost $200-$300. This one currently costs $119.99 on Amazon, making it one of the cheapest power wheels for girls.


  • Inexpensive
  • AUX outlet
  • Includes a remote control device for parents to use


  • Older children won’t get much enjoyment from a 6V battery

TOBBI Kids Ride-On Truck:

If you want something for older girls, check out the TOBBI Kids Ride-On Truck. This motorized vehicle offers both pedal and remote control acceleration. It also features realistic working headlights and two openable doors.

The manufacturers of the TOBBI Kids Ride-On Truck recommend that this toy is best suited for children aged three to six years old. With that said, this company includes a Soft Start design that forces this vehicle to accelerate slowly. It’s also helpful for calming children who might be initially scared of this toy.

As a child steps inside of this car, they’ll see a realistic-looking panel with buttons and a battery meter. This meter lets you know how long your child’s power wheel battery lasts. This panel allows a child or parent to access this motorized vehicle’s cool features, which include a USB port, AUX input, and a TF card slot.

This motorized vehicle also features a spring suspension system. With this system, it helps to create a smoother ride for a child. It also comes with a safety belt to keep any child secure while driving.


  • Remote control capability
  • Three speed settings
  • AUX input
  • USB port
  • Perfect for children ages 3-6 years old


  • Only seats one child

Kidzone Electric Tractor With Trailer:

Not every girl wants a power wheel that looks like a Jeep or sports car. If your child enjoys life on the farm, she might fall in love with the Kidzone Electric Tractor With Trailer. This motorized vehicle features bright LED headlights and an attachable trailer. Don’t worry; this trailer is incredibly easy to keep clean.

12V Power Wheels for Girls

Like the TOBBI Kids Ride-On Truck, this power wheel also features a 12V battery. With this powerful battery, the Kidzone Electric Tractor With Trailer is capable of reaching a top speed of 5 mph. It also travels in reverse. If you’re worried about your children driving too fast in this vehicle, it comes with a handy remote control device.

Your child will love being able to use this ride-on car’s horn. Plus, it also features a built-in USB port and Bluetooth capabilities. It also includes a battery strength dashboard indicator, letting you know when it’s time for a battery charge. This motorized vehicle also includes an attached seat belt.


  • 7 large LED headlights!
  • Detachable trailer with fencing
  • Built-in USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control


  • Another 1-seater power wheel

 Power Wheels Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler:

Throughout their lives, many young girls dream of growing up and becoming a Disney Princess. With that in mind, the Power Wheels Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler might be the perfect give for your child.

This officially licensed power wheel features popular Disney princess stickers and decals. It features a pink and purple color combination that any girl will love. Another great feature is that this ride-on car features a radio with real Disney princess sounds and phrases. Your child will feel like Disney princesses are speaking to them.

One of the Best 2-Seater Power Wheels for Girls

Understandably, any girl would get excited to show this power wheel off to some of her friends. Fortunately, if you get the Power Wheels Disney Princess Jeep, she’ll be able to bring them along for the ride. This motorized vehicle is a two-seater power wheel. If no one’s ready to reach top speed, it also includes a handy high-speed lockout option.

If children need to bring anything with them, they’ll love that this power wheel features ample rear storage space. It’s also easy to get in and out of this motorized vehicle, thanks to its opening and closing doors. The manufacturer of this vehicle recommends that it’s best for children ages 36 months to seven years old. It also has a power wheel weight limit of up to 130 lbs.

Like some of the other power wheels on this list, the Disney Princess Jeep receives power from a 12-volt battery. This ride-on car can reach a top speed of 5 mph going forward and 2 mph while traveling backward. But it also features signature Power-Lock brakes in case anyone’s going too fast.


  • Authentic Disney princess graphics and colors
  • A maximum speed of 5mph
  • A built-in radio featuring actual Disney character sounds and phrases
  • 2-seater power wheel for girls


  • No USB or BlueTooth connectivity

Best Choice Products 12V ATV Quad Ride-On Car:

To offer your child lots of options, you might want to also consider an ATV-type power wheel. There’s no need to be concerned, these motorized vehicles are way slower than the real thing. If SUVs and cars aren’t your girl’s thing, check out the 12V ATV Quad Ride-On Car from Best Choice Products.

This motorized vehicle features an easy-to-reach foot pedal that controls acceleration. With a 3.7 mph maximum speed, you won’t have to worry about your child traveling too fast. 

The 12V ATV Quad Ride-On Car also features a built-in auxiliary outlet with an included cable. This cable enables your child to bring along music from their favorite media device. If your child doesn’t have a device to bring along, this ride-on car also features a built-in radio.

What’s also good about this ride-on car is that it features large wheels with lots of tread. Because of that, it should be fairly easy for a child to drive well on both hard and soft surfaces. As a child travels, they’ll also have a realistic horn and LED lights to enjoy. Plus, it will be tough for any girl to resist this vehicle’s cool pink and black colors.

Being a one-seater power wheel, this motorized vehicle features a maximum rider weight of 66 lbs. The manufacturer of this motorized vehicle recommends that it’s best for children ages 3 and up.


  • Auxiliary outlet
  • Built-in radio
  • LED headlights
  • Realistic horn
  • Powerful 12V battery


  • Only seats one child at a time
  • A maximum speed of 3.7 miles per hour might be slow for some kids


There you have it, five of the best power wheels for girls. As you can see, there are many amazing power wheels made for girls to enjoy. Whether you’re buying a power wheel for a girl or boy, consider bookmarking Best Power Wheel. This website features up-to-date reviews and comparisons of the most popular power wheels out there.