All you Need to Know About Land Rover Power Wheels Reviews

Land Rover Power Wheels

If you're like most people, you might be a little tired of being cooped up inside. For a great way to get you and your children out of the house, a power wheel is a great purchase.

With so many of these ride-on cars on the market, how do you know which one to get? One popular choice for children and parents alike are power wheels licensed by the Land Rover and Range Rover line of automobiles.

Here's more information about the best Land Rover power wheels available online.

1. Best Choice Products Land Rover

The Land Rover Ride-On Car is a two-seater power wheel from Best Choice Products. This ride-on car allows either adults or children to control this motorized vehicle. With the included remote control, adults have access to speed and directional controls.

As you'll soon learn, this vehicle is one of many Land Rover power wheels that look like smaller versions of the real thing. This ride-on car also offers the most color options. It's available in either white, red, black or pink. The pink color option is a great choice for girls that want to get in on the fun!

Every child should also enjoy additional storage space located under this toy vehicle's front hood. Children will also love the working LED headlights, horn/startup sounds, auxiliary input, and maximum speeds of up to 3.7mph. Adults, don't worry, there's also a low speed of 1.8mph.

2. TOBBI Licensed Land Rover Ride-on Car

For another popular two-seater, look no further than TOBBI's Land Rover Ride-on Car. This motorized car features a slow startup function that helps ensure that no children get surprised by a sudden burst of speed. It's a small feature, but something that makes it one of the safest Land Rover power wheels.

This ride-on car is ready to handle on and off-road conditions with its 4-wheel suspension and safety belt for each occupant. Making things extra safe, you also have the option to control this vehicle remotely.

You'll also have a lot of color options when selecting one of these ride-on cars. These cars are available in either red, white, or black color options.

3. Modern-Depo Range Rover HSE

From Modern-Depo, the Range Rover HSE Ride-on Car is another great gift idea for any child. It features openable doors, leather seats, and safety belts. The Range Rover HSE also features a spring suspension system that provides a smooth driving experience at all times.

Like many other vehicles in this list, adults or children can control the miniature Range Rover HSE. If a child wants to drive this ride-on car, the working pedals and steering wheel gives them full control. With the use of a simple remote control, parents are in charge of the speed and direction of this vehicle.

This motorized vehicle is available in either a white or black exterior color.

4. Kid Trax Range Rover

The Kid Trax Range Rover ride-on car reaches a maximum speed of 2.5 mph. While not quite as fast as other motorized vehicles in this list, the Kid Trax Range Rover is great for parents wanting something a little slower for their young children. Parents can also be in full control of this vehicle with its included remote control.

The Kid Trax Range Rover features a working FM radio for children to enjoy music as they travel. With USB and auxiliary inputs, children can also choose to bring their own music along for the ride.

Any child will feel like a grown-up driver as they hear the ignition and horn sounds emitting from this ride-on car.

5. Costzon Land Rover Discovery

One of the most popular two-seater motorized vehicles is the Land Rover Discovery from Costzon. It's easy for any child to confuse this ride-on car with a real Land Rover thanks to its foldable mirrors, bright LED headlights, and spacious seats with safety belts.

Parents will also love the foldable handle and wheels this vehicle has. All you have to do is grab the extending front handle on this ride-on car and lift it upward. After doing this, a smaller set of rear wheels make this ride-on car easy to transport and store.

Another distinctive feature of Costzon's Land Rover Discovery is the slow start option. With this option, your young drivers automatically accelerate slowly. This option is great for younger drivers that aren't ready to go full speed.

Whether you choose the black or white option, the Land Rover Discovery features a realistic-looking center console. This console gives a child access to the following options inside of this motorized vehicle:

  • Volume control
  • TF card slot
  • Auxiliary output
  • USB port
  • Mode and scan buttons

6. Range Rover Evoque

Another popular motorized vehicle is the Range Rover Evoque Ride-On. Thankfully, this miniature white Range Rover Evoque doesn't go as fast as the real deal. However, its top speed of 4 mph provides plenty of speed for young drivers. It also features a working horn and headlights.

As your child sits inside of the Range Rover Evoque motorized vehicle, it's easy for them to have a great time. With an easy to use remote control, parents can help children easily move forward, backward, left, and right with ease. Plus, this remote control has a maximum distance of over 60 feet. The Range Rover Evoque also features a safety belt to ensure a child remains secure in this vehicle, regardless of who's controlling it.

This motorized vehicle features an outlet that's compatible with most devices capable of playing MP3s, ensuring they're able to listen to their favorite songs while driving. If your child gets tired of listening to their music, this vehicle also features a wide range of built-in sounds to keep the fun going.


To wrap this guide up, there are lots of incredible Land Rover power wheels online. We hope that this buyer's guide helps you find the perfect Land Rover or Range Rover power wheel. These fun motorized vehicles are sure to provide endless hours of fun for the child in your life.

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