How to Charge Power Wheels Battery? In 4 Steps

How to Charge Power Wheels Battery

Charging your Power Wheels battery is a fairly simple task. It’s a plug and charge deal.

In a regular Power Wheels complete with all the necessary components, charging can be compressed in two simple steps.

To charge your Power Wheels battery, first, find the charging port in the toy car. Then, simply connect the charging jack to the port and find an outlet to plug it in. If you don’t have any issues with the charger or the battery, these steps will suffice to get some juice for your Power Wheels.

On the other hand, if problems such as a damaged charger arise, you can still charge your Power Wheels battery. However, you’ll have to employ some unconventional yet effective methods.

Find out how to do these methods and the details you need to know about Power Wheels battery charging as you read along.

How Do You Charge Power Wheels Battery?

You’re probably no stranger to rechargeable batteries, especially with toys.

Charging smaller toys is a no-brainer at all. However, when it comes to large, not to mention expensive, toys like Power Wheels, you will have to expand your knowledge about how it works.

But first, let’s look into the steps to charge your Power Wheels battery.

1. Checking your charger and battery case.

Before charging, make sure nothing is damaged in your charger and Power Wheels battery case.

First, check for faulty parts in the charging cord and connector. Then examine for cracks or damages in the case that can cause leaks during the entire charging process.

If this is the case, do not charge or use the Power Wheels at all. Acid leaks need to be taken seriously as they can cause substantial damage.

2. Find the battery port.

When charging, you don’t have to remove the battery from the Power Wheels. Instead, just connect the charging jack to the port.

Most Power Wheels keep their batteries in the engine hood or at the vehicle’s rear. These are pretty much standard areas.

When you locate the battery, look for the port, usually located on the side.

3. Connect the charging jack and plug the charger adapter.

Now, all you got to do is connect the charging jack to the port. If you’re using the charger that came with the Power Wheels, then it shouldn’t give you any trouble.

With other chargers, especially from other ride-on cars or devices, you should ensure that the connector fits the port perfectly.

Once everything is set with the battery and the charger, the only thing left is plugging in the adapter.

4. Waiting for the charging to complete.

If your Power Wheels battery completely lost power, expect to finish charging after 15 to 18 hours.

When waiting for the process to complete, you need to be mindful, considering there are damaging consequences of undercharging or overcharging. Set the alarm if necessary.

Different Types of Power Wheels Charger

Power Wheels chargers are in different forms and capacities. The one that comes with your ride-on car depends mainly on the battery.

You must match the charger with the battery’s voltage. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself dealing with a damaged battery.

Here are the most common Power Wheels battery chargers:

  • 6V 1amp charger
  • 6V 350 mwah charger
  • 12V 1amp charger

If you lost or damaged the charger, you can use a universal charger usually a 3A.

However, it should only be temporary. You still need to secure the appropriate charger if you want the Power Wheels to prolong their life.

Different Types of Power Wheels Battery

Batteries mainly differ in their voltage capacity, and Power Wheels batteries are no exception. The voltage pretty much determines power.

So, the higher the battery voltage of your Power Wheels car, the more powerful it is to track challenging surfaces. Moreover, powerful batteries also allow better speed.

Here are the standard battery types in Power Wheels vehicles.

  • 1. 6V
  • Average Speed: 2-3 mph
  • Length of operation: 40 to 60 minutes

Age appropriateness: For children aged 2 to 4 years old

  • 2. 12V
  • Average Speed: 4-5 mph
  • Length of operation: 2 to 4 hours

Age appropriateness: For children aged 3 to 6 years old

  • 3. 24V
  • Average Speed: up to 6 mph
  • Length of operation: 2 to 4 hours

Age appropriateness: For children aged six years old and above

  • A Power Wheels car with 24V is suitable for rough terrain that is hilly or has gravel.

How Do You Charge Power Wheels Battery for the First Time?

Charging your Power Wheels battery for the first time will differ from your subsequent charging. For one, it takes longer.

For example, a 12V battery regularly charges for about 6 to 14 hours after each use. But this depends on the type of Power Wheels you’ve got.

But if you’re charging it for the first time, you’ll have to spend at least 18 hours waiting for the process to complete.

Also, just to point it out, first-time charging occurs before first use. It could be after you opened the packaging.

Here’s an overview of the initial charging time for each battery type.

  • 1. 6V – initial charging should be at 10 hours
  • 2. 12V and 24V – initial charging should be at 18 hours

How Do You Know Is a Power Wheels Battery Is Charging?

It’s easy to find out if the Power Wheels battery is charging. You simply check the indicator usually found in the charger adapter.

When charging the battery, you’ll notice a small round light in the adapter that changes colors from red to green.

If it is red, it means the charging is ongoing. But if it turns green, it tells you that the charging is complete.

Nonetheless, it’s imperative to time the process hit the appropriate amount of charging.

Likewise, it’s not recommended to leave your Power Wheels charging overnight. This could open potential dangers that could stem from the lack of supervision.

Safety Tips When Charging a Power Wheels Battery

When it comes to electricity, safety is non-negotiable. You will have to employ extra precautions to protect your device and your family in general from any damage or accidents.

So, here are the safety tips you should follow when charging your Power Wheels battery.

  • 1. Don’t let your child charge the battery. Always make sure that you or another adult plug the charger in.
  • 2. Always follow the recommended length of time for charging. Undercharging and overcharging bring nothing but damage to the Power Wheels battery. Never charge the battery for more than 30 hours.
  • 3. Plug the charger into a wall outlet. Avoid charging in a ceiling outlet.
  • 4. Always charge in a ventilated area.
  • 5. Maintain that the battery in the car is in an upright position.


It’s easy to charge any battery just as long as you know the dos and don’ts of the process. And when it comes to the Power Wheels battery, charging is as simple as connecting the charging jack to the battery’s socket and plugging it in.

Nevertheless, despite being simple, it is still important that you don’t let your children do it themselves for safety reasons.

Likewise, always make sure to charge in a proper space within the recommended time.