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Your Questions Answered

If you’re considering buying a power wheels you’ve probably got lots of questions – Where will I store it? Which power wheel is best for your kids?

Well you’re in the right place. You’ll find all the answered below!

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How much is a power wheel car?

Power Wheels come in all shapes and size, which is why the price tag attached to the vehicles also tend to change according to the model. From 100 dollars to even 500 dollars, you can find your ideal Power Wheels model anywhere between this price range. Note that prices may also fluctuate depending on holiday seasons.

Which Power Wheels is best?

Well, to help you out with that, we did all the guesswork and have summed up this article that will help you decide which Power Wheels is actually worth your money.

What ages are Power Wheels for?

Power Wheels are generally safe toys, but they still do come with a few hazards, due to a few small parts. This is why Power Wheels come with a strict age range usage of 3 to 8 year old.

The power wheels is an excellent choice if safety is one of your primary concerns. The 4 or 3 wheels  is a fairly basic kids car or motorcycle. It essentially functions as an electric tricycle so you don't have to worry about excessive speed or tipping. This motorcycle is perfect for children in the 3-8 year range.

Where can I buy a Power Wheel?

power wheels is currently available on Amazon. Being that Amazon is one of the most popular and trustworthy online retailers, you'll have peace of mind buying from this company.

How fast does a 12v power wheel go?

You won't have to worry about younger drivers going too fast as this motorized vehicle only reaches a top speed of 3.7mph. If that's too fast, this vehicles also has a low setting that reduces its speed to 1.8mph. Plus, it features a 2.4GHz remote control that allows an adult to help a child control this ride-on car.

How can I make my 12 volt power wheels faster?

By implementing only a few simple tricks and techniques, you can easily amp up the speed from a mere 5 mph to even 10 mph at most! DIY-ing a Power Wheels might consume a good amount of your time, but it is way cheaper than having to spend hundreds of dollars over a brand new model again.

Is 6v or 12v better?

Power Wheels in general feature a 12 volts battery, which allows it to run on a speed of 5 mph in forward motion and around 2.5 mph in reverse drive. The 6V  Ride On is another excellent offering for toddlers and young children who are new to the world of  power wheels for kids. If safety is a major concern, this slow moving low to the ground ride on is a sensible starting point.

Are Power Wheels street legal?

Power Wheels come in all shapes and sizes, but they weren't designed to be street-legal, yet that didn't stop this man from driving his in rush hour traffic.

Are Power Wheels safe?

Although many Power Wheels are designed for rough outdoor environments, you should never allow your kid to drive on a steep terrain. The vehicle can easily topple over and seriously injure your child. If you take your child outside quite often, then do inspect the wheels to make sure everything is in working condition.