Electric Ride-on Toys For 3 YearsBuyer’s Guide

Ride-on Toys For 3 Years

Electric ride-on toys can be an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for your child. These toys come with many interactive functions. As a result, they help with your child's learning and development. Meanwhile, kids can also have a great deal of fun playing with them.

The kids 12V Ride-on truck on amazon from Best Choice Products is one of the best electric ride-on toys for 3 years old in the current market. The price of this toy is within a reasonable range. At the same time, it has superior functions, durability and can easily carry multiple kids total 138.9 Ibs (63kgs) at a time. 

However, there are other options in the market which are cheaper and can still offer some good features. The following discussion sheds some light on it.

Most Popular Electric Ride-on Toys For 3-Year-Olds 

The following list is compiled from personal experiences with these toys. There is no such claim from my side that this is an exhaustive list.

However, if you check on the internet you might find that people reacted more positively towards these than most other toys in the market. I would encourage everyone to do their research before making any purchase. 

1. Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car 

When I first saw this toy truck, I just thought, wish my parents had got me this when I was three. Well, this is just a thought. Because the Best Choice Kids 12V truck uses technology that is way more modern. Back when I was a kid, this kind of high-grade thermoplastic built and sophisticated circuitry was unimaginable in a toy car.

What I found assuring about this car are its wheels. They are excellent for driving in outdoor situations. The torque and traction are almost as professional as a real car. Turning and cutting corners is unimaginably smooth. So, I think it is one of the safest ride-on toys out there for active kids.

The durability of this toy is remarkable too. We had taken this toy car to all kinds of terrain. Assembling and disassembling is fun and easy. So, you can easily take it apart and carry it wherever you like. I have watched kids ride it through mud, grass, sand, rocky paths, and whatnot. So far, only a few minor scratches.

Taking everything into account (price, how much kids love it, durability, safety) I think this is the best thing you can buy for a three-year-old child.


  • Hardware: High Quality Thermoplastic
  • Weight: 23 kgs
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • LxWxH: 45 x 31 x 31 inches
  • Capacity: 63 kgs


Real-life action: Firstly the car itself looks like a miniature version of the bigger real-life models. And the superior control, smooth turning everything makes the experience of driving it quite similar to the real-life action of driving a car.

Safety: I found this to be one of the safest ride-on toys for kids. The car has safety belts and doors that can lock securely. The speed can only get to a maximum of 3.7 mph. This is fun for your child, while at the same time does not put him in any danger. And lastly, it has parental remote control.

LED and Bluetooth: Kids like the LED headlights in this car very much. It adds more power to the already realistic design of the car. Another great thing is the Bluetooth speakers which allow you to add some music to the fun time.


  • Excellent durability and fit for all terrains
  • Safety features and parental control
  • Can go on for multiple hours after a single charging
  • Assembling and disassembling is easy


  • The truck and the wheels come in separate packages on different delivery dates
  • You can only change the speed from the remote and not from inside the car.

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2. Costzon Battery Powered Electric Vehicle, Pink

This might be the cutest toy car on this list. However, don't let the kitty-look fool you. This car can take up quite a speed. Plus, the steering wheel and pedal give more control to the child compared to other toy cars in the market.  

The Costzon Battery Powered Electric car is a miniature version of a real-life luxury car. The pink design gives off the impression that this car was specially designed for little girls (pardon my stereotyping). So, if you have a son and a daughter, this toy can turn their sibling rivalries into fun races.

I loved the foot pedal in the car. It is more functional than you would expect in a toy vehicle. This helps your kid learn about operating a car at high speeds. And that too within the limits of your supervision. Because you can always use the 2.4G remote to control the vehicle from the background.  


  • Hardware: Impact resistant plastic
  • Weight: 15 kgs
  • Voltage: 6V
  • LxWxH: 43.5" x 27" x 20.5"
  • Capacity: 30 kgs


More control for both kids and parents: The foot pedal and the steering wheel are both manually controllable by the child. Plus, you the parent will have a 2.4G remote control at your disposal.

Changeable speeds: The car has three changeable speeds. The fastest it can go is 5 km/h, which is pretty fast for a kid's car. However, the starting speed is low and your child can gradually and safely train up to the higher speeds.

Music and education mode: Playtime can be a fun learning time too with this car. It has built-in music and education mode for this purpose. The MP3 player, USB port, TF card slot are smart and excellent additions to this ride-on toy.


  • Kids can learn to operate a vehicle at different speeds
  • Can develop musical literacy and hearing skills while playing with it
  • Beautiful design and adorable look
  • Kids manipulate the dashboard and develop fine motor skills in the process


  • Remote control gets disconnected sometimes
  • The dashboard buttons were stiff at first

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3. Kidzone 12V 7AH Kids Battery Powered Electric Tractor With Trailer 

This toy tractor with its trailer can be the perfect thing for siblings to learn about sharing and working together. Maybe one of them will be driving and the other will sit on the trailer. Many might argue about its safety. But from personal experience, I will say this is risk-free as long as a parent is around.

Operating the Kidzone Electric Tractor is more or less the same as other toy vehicles. However, in the first few trials, you can help your child by using the remote control. After that, when they get a good grip of it, let them drive around on their own.

This toy tractor with a trailer has excellent power. Because it could pull both kids at considerable speeds. Battery power is also remarkable. I had seen kids drive around for hours and still, the car didn't show any signs of exhaustion.


  • Hardware: Polyethylene, Polypropylene
  • Weight: 19 kgs
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • LxWxH: 53.74 x 19.69 x 20.67 inches
  • Capacity: 30 kgs


Authentic Design: If you are from a farming background, or familiar with tractors you will surely be awed by this ride-on toy. Because this toy tractor has the most authentic design.

Trailer: The detachable trailer is one of the main attractions. A three to five-year-old kid could easily get on it and manage themselves. However, as the manufacturers don't encourage this practice, you should only allow it when in your backyard or such a homely and controlled environment.

High-quality tires: The tires (alleged 'EVA TIRES') are highly impact-resistant and suitable for all kinds of grounds. They looked reassuring enough to let on two kids in a single toy vehicle.


  • Nice toy for children to bond
  • Authentic driving experience for kids
  • High and low-speed gears
  • Bluetooth and MP3 can be helpful education aids


  • The manufactures should consider making the trailer attachments more flexible
  • The throttle switch can do better

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4. Kid Trax Caterpillar ATV Toddler Ride On Toy

Not all kids like cars. Some are more into bikes. If you know a kid like that, the Kid Trax Caterpillar ATV Toddler Ride-on can make them very happy. The attractive color and comfortable sitting make it the ideal bike for three-year-olds.

This toy has all the things that kids find amusing about motorcycles. The LED headlights can light up your child’s driveway like an actual bike. In addition, there are real-life engine and horn sounds. Another great thing is the pedal acceleration. Kids can feel like they are actually stepping on it and speeding away.

When I saw the kids driving it, the speed looked impressive. I later checked it was like 2.5 miles/hour. I have seen them play with it for long periods before tiring themselves out. Every time there was a considerable amount of charge left in the battery at the end. I think that says enough about the battery quality.


  • Hardware: Plastic
  • Weight: 12kgs
  • Voltage: 6V
  • LxWxH:  34.75 x 24.5 x 31.75 inches
  • Capacity: 25 kg


Foot Pedal: This is an awesome feature of this toy. The pedal puts the kid in total control of the vehicle. As the speed of this car is pretty moderate you don't have to worry much about safety. Therefore, the child can enjoy this ride to the fullest.

Special traction strip tires: This toy is mainly meant for the beginner. So, the tires must provide some extra backup. And the Trax Rubber Traction Strip tires do just that. It lets the driver have a smooth and safe drive over all kinds of surfaces.


  • Foot pedal acceleration lets the kid practice a lot of control
  • No assembling is required
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Realistic engine and horn sounds


  • There is no instruction on how to connect the gearbox to the battery
  • There is no seat belt

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5. Kid Trax Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol Toddler Quad Electric Ride On Toy

If you don't have that much budget for a kid's toy you can look into the kid Trax Nickelodeon's Paw Patrol ride. Although cheap, this is a very sturdy and easily operable toy for kids. Plus, the adorable paw patrol characters help your three-year-old connect more with this toy.

This toy is less complicated than the above-mentioned vehicles. It has fewer features too. But still, kids can have a great time with this patrol car. The car is meant for ages one to three. So, if your three-year-old is just a beginner at ride-on toys, they can start with this one before they move on to bigger cars. 

I found that you don’t have to charge the car's battery that much. So, the battery life is reassuring. And after a few years of rough use, you will still find this extremely durable toy car standing in your garage with only a few minor bruises here and there.


  • Hardware: Wear-resistant plastic
  • Weight:  5.5 kgs
  • Voltage: 6V
  • LxWxH:  26.7 x 15.75 x 17.72 inches
  • Capacity: 22kg


Easy Push-button acceleration: The easy push-button acceleration gives your young child more to control. You don't have to worry about safety because the speed can only reach up to 2 mph. The tires are super secure and give the experience of a smooth ride.

Paw Patrol characters: This ride-on toy has several Paw Patrol characters incorporated into its playing scheme. Kids love these characters and can have a fin learning time while playing with this toy.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Long Battery life
  • Push-button acceleration for practicing control
  • Features Paw Patrol Character


  • Has fewer functions
  • Assembly required

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Why Buy Your Child A Ride On Toy?

Besides bringing joy to your child, electric-powered ride-on toys have many other beneficial effects. These toys help in various developments of a toddler. Moreover, these toys can teach your child about sharing with others and how to care for something they love.

Development of mobility and function

Three-year-old children have either just learned or are learning to walk, run, balance, climb and push or pull things around. To help in this learning process they need suitable activities and tools. And ride-on toys provide both of these.

When a child plays with a ride-on toy he has to climb on it, push with his arms and legs, and do similar activities which teach them to use their major muscle groups. As a result, your child can become sharper at these motor skills when they play with a ride-on toy.

Learn logic 

The best electric ride-on toys come with a lot of functions and interactive options. Operating these toys requires understanding logic and reasons. For example, where will the vehicle go if you turn the steering to the left? Or what will happen if you push that speed button?

When your kid plays with these toys, they figure these things out on their own. And in the process, they begin to understand how different actions have an impact on the world that surrounds us.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

These days kids keep pinned to the screens of their electric devices. This makes them lazy, unsocial, unmotivated and hampers overall development. The best solution for this is to engage them with the outdoors when they are still toddlers. And ride-on toys are one of the easiest ways to do it.

When your kid plays outdoors with their ride-on toys, they learn how to operate in the outside world on their own. They develop such a sense about the world which can't be taught in a classroom.

Moreover, coming in contact with the outdoors boosts your child's health. They get fresh air and sunlight and build up a strong immune system.

Learning Co-operation and developing Social skills

Cooperating with others is a major life skill. Without being able to effectively interact with people your child won’t be able to get ahead in life. And the best time to develop these qualities is when they are toddlers. Because, after that, when children start developing strong personality traits, it’s harder to manipulate them. 

Electric ride-on toys are excellent tools for learning co-operation. Most of these toys encourage multiple players. Your kids can also get into the habit of sharing their good things with other people while playing with these toys.

How To Teach Your Child To Use A Ride-on Toy?

Some kids will jump into the toy the moment you put it in front of them. Meanwhile, others might be hesitant or scared of riding it. In both cases, you will need to help your child if it’s their first ride-on toy.  

If your toddler hesitates with getting on the toy, try gently sitting them on it. You can take their hands and place them on the handles. This will help your child to understand what the toy is all about. However, if your child reacts negatively, do not force them. This can cause permanent repulsion toward that toy.

You can also take your child to parks and playgrounds where other children are riding their toy vehicles. Seeing other children playing will have a significant effect on your child’s mind. And they might get interested in getting on a toy ride themselves.

The first few trials help your child to climb on and off the ride. Because this might seem a little problematic to her at first. You will also want to keep the toy out in the open where she can see it often. It is not necessary that she has to ride it on the first day. You can encourage her to push the toy around and play with it as she pleases.

The main trick to get things moving is to not force your child and wait for the spontaneous interest that she would show eventually. Also, make sure you secure all the small and detachable parts of the ride-on toy.


There are many electric ride-on toys for three-year-old children in the market. They come in all kinds of price ranges and with various kinds of features. Hopefully, the above discussion will help you choose the right one for your child.

Thanks for reading till the end and have a great day.