Electric Ride-On Toy For 2 Years Old

Best Electric Ride-On Toy For 2 Years Old

It can be difficult to find an electric toy for 2-year-olds. The reason is, the age limit of most attractive electric toy cars starts from 3 years. From the limited options, how to know which one is the Electric Ride-On Toy For 2 Years Old child?

This article can be your complete guide to pick the best electric ride-on for a 2-years old toddler. I have chosen the five best-rated electric ride-on on the market that have great customer feedback and features that ensure both the fun and safety of your child. You will also learn about the considerations to choose the best ride-on for your kid.

5 Best Electric Ride-on For Your 2-years Old Child

Two years of age is a very crucial time for children. It is the time when their personality gets a shape. An electric ride-on can be very helpful for their mental and physical growth. Not to mention, the electric ride-on will become their most favorite toy for the joy it can bring.

So, here are some of the best rides on toys you can buy online.

1. Kid Trax Minnie Mouse Ride-On

The Kid Trax Minnie Mouse Power Wheel is inspired by the famous cartoon character of Disney - Minnie Mouse. Of course, this model is for girl babies. A 2-years old toddler's imagination is influenced mostly by cartoon characters. So, your girl has to like the Minnie Mouse Ride-on.

I liked this ride-on for my kid because the body is made from rubbers and not from plastics. Since plastic can be very hazardous for a child's health. Besides, the chances of your baby getting hurt by the ride-on are almost zero, as rubbers are comparatively soft. I think this is one of the reasons for this toy vehicle to get such a good rating on the Amazon store for a long time now.

For the limited speed of 1.5 MPH of Minnie Mouse ride-on, nothing can go wrong with it. You can rest assured that your kid will not get hurt while driving this ride-on whatsoever. Besides, the rubber body of the vehicle is so durable that you will hardly need to fix it.


  • Battery: Rechargeable 6-Volt Battery
  • Weight: 6.2 Lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 1.5 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 45 Lbs
  • Age Limit: 1.5 to 2.5 years


Push-Button Acceleration: Since the ride-on is designed for 2-years old toddlers, the operation is very easy. They will only need to push a button to accelerate speed. The steering handlebar is made for small arms and is very easy to handle.

Warranty: Minnie Mouse ride-on has a one-year limited warranty. The battery of the electric ride-on has a warranty of 6 months. You do not need more warranty because your kid will have crossed the age limit to ride the vehicle before the warranty expires.

Rubber Traction Strip Tires: Chances of a Minnie Mouse ride-on to slip while driving is almost zero. There are two reasons behind it. Firstly, the tires are striped and secondly, they have rubber tractions. All these anti-slip features and the maximum speed of 1.5 MPH have made Minnie Mouse ride-on one of the safest rides for your daughter.


  • Adorable cartoon-based design
  • Made from safe rubbers
  • Easy steering and acceleration
  • Stripped tires with rubber traction


  • Not good for grassy surface
  • Not spacious for big babies

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2.Rock Wheels Bentley Ride-on

If you want to give your toddler a great-looking electric ride that resembles a real car, you may choose Rock Wheel’s Bentley ride-on. It replicates the famous branded car- Bentley. The body of the car is made from Polypropylene, ensuring high durability.

I am also impressed by the overall smart look of the electric ride-on. The swinging scissor doors are enough to woo any kid. The lightened dashboard, LED front and rear lights have made the vehicle fabulous to look at. Your kid will hear the noises of a real engine while starting the ride-on.

To enable better security for your kid this ride-on has an emergency brake function just like a real car. When the battery dies, your kid will still be able to drive the car pressing the foot pedal. You can play music with the toy car using its Aux input jack.


  • Battery: 12-volt Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight: 32 Lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 3.1 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 66 Lbs
  • Age Limit: 2 to 7 Years


Speed Setting: The car is designed for kids aged from 2 to 7. To make little and bigger kids happy with the same model, the Rock Wheels Bentley ride-on has two-point speed settings. One is fixed for the maximum speed of 1.25 MPH and the other setting is for a maximum speed of 3.1 MPH.

Remote Control: You will love the remote-control security feature of Rock Wheels Bentley ride-on. You can use the remote control to control the movement of the vehicle when you are not sure if your kid can drive it well enough. It can save your kid from many accidents.


  • Impressive outlook
  • Polypropylene-made strong body
  • Emergency Brake
  • 2-point speed setting
  • Remote control for parents


  • Poor battery performance
  • Hard to use remote control

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3. Huffy Ride-on Cars

If you are trying to enhance the imagination power of your toddler, Huffy Ride-on Car can help you a lot. Your kid can become an imaginary construction engineer with this ride. Huffy Ride-on resembles a mini-quad and has a trailer at its rear that is towed by the vehicle. In the trailer, there are blocks for building a building or a wall.

The idea is, your engineer kid will carry the blocks from a source to the construction site. Where he will build a new construction. I bet any toddler will love the ride and the make-believe game it offers. It has a maximum speed of only 1.5 MPH. So, nothing wrong can happen to your child while playing with this ride-on.


  • Battery: 6-volt Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight: 15.21 Lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 1.5 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 50 Lbs
  • Age Limit: 1.5 to 3 Years


Easy to Use: The operation is so easy that toddlers do not face any problem driving this ride-on. All they need to do is push the left power button to start the vehicle and pushing the right button gets the ride-on to its maximum speed of 1.5 MPH. The steering is also very convenient for little children.

Convenient Wall Charger: Charging the battery of the Huffy Ride-on is very convenient. You can recharge it using any of the ordinary wall chargers. Once it is fully charged, the vehicle can run for around 30 minutes.


  • Enhances imagination
  • Easy operation
  • Convenient battery recharging


  • Body made from plastic
  • Vibrates while starting up

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4. Kid Trax Disney Tow-Mater

Your kid will love the Kid Trax Disney Tow-Mater if he is into the Car movie of Disney. The famous car character Mater will start living in your house if you choose this ride for your kid. Your kid will love the vehicle even if he doesn’t know Mater. The big eyes of the ride-on will encourage him to befriend it right away.

I am always in favor of using a ride-on that has a body made from rubber. Fortunately, Kid Trax Disney Tow-Mater has a rubber body. Having a ride-on with a metal body puts your child at risk of getting scratched. On the other hand, plastic-made ride-on can be hazardous for the child’s health.

Another fun part of the Disney Tow-Mater ride-on is the wall charger. The convenience of recharging this electric toy will make your life easier.


  • Battery: 6-volt Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight: 14.17 Lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 2 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 45 Lbs
  • Age Limit: 1.5 Years and Above


Easy Push Button: Like many other toy cars of the Kid Trax series, Disney Mater also has an easy-to-operate start and acceleration system. So that your little angel's drive becomes more fun.

Rubber Traction Tires: For extra protection on a slippery surface, this ride-on uses tires with rubber traction. It means less risk of accidents and injuries.


  • Resembles famous Disney Character
  • Rubber-made safe body
  • Convenient wall charger
  • Easy operation
  • High-traction tires


  • Low-performing battery
  • Do not support a reverse movement

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5. Kid Trax Disney Frozen Ride-on

The craze of the Frozen movie can return to your home if you buy a Kid Trax Disney Frozen ride-on for your daughter. At the front of the vehicle, there is a portrait of the Elsa character from the Disney movie. The color theme also goes by the Frozen movie. Also, you will find several shapes of snowflakes, a significant part of the movie’s aesthetics, on every side of the vehicle.

Like many other toy cars of the Kid Trax series, the body of the Disney Frozen ride-on is also made from Rubber. As you know rubber is a much preferable material for a toy for kids compared to metals and plastics. It ensures that your little angel will not get hurt from the vehicle’s body.

Your daughter will never feel lost while driving the Disney Frozen ride-on, thanks to the easy push-button power generation system of the vehicle. The steering is also very suitable for the small arms of a 2-years old toddler.


  • Battery: 6-volt Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight: 14.77
  • Maximum Speed: 1.5 MPH
  • Load Capacity: 45 Lbs
  • Age Limit: 1.5 to 2.5 years


Comfortable Seat: The Kid Trax Disney Frozen ride-on is designed to give comfort to a toddler, who may seat there for a long time. The height of the seat is easy to get on for a kid.

Anti-Slip Tires: The tires of the Disney Frozen power wheel have rubber tractions. It means they have resistance against slippery surfaces. This safety feature reduces the chances of accidents.


  • Relives the fantasy of the animated movie Frozen
  • Rubber body safe for the kid’s health
  • Very easy for a toddler to drive
  • Comfortable seat
  • Anti-slip tires


  • Smaller turning radius
  • Do not move well on grass

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How to Pick The Best Ride-on For Your 2-years Old Child?

This might be the very first ride for your toddler. So, you should try your best to get a safe ride-on. Because by any chance, if the child gets hurt while riding the vehicle, he may lose the confidence of driving anything for the rest of his life.

You may take the following factors into your consideration while choosing the best ride-on for your 2-years old kid.

Easy Operability

The driving operation should be as simple as possible for the ride since your kid is still very young to grasp complexities. He may refuse to play with an attractive and expensive ride-on if its operation is hard.

It is convenient for the kid to have a ride-on that has a single button for starting and stopping the speed of the vehicle. Another crucial issue is the steering. Those little arms of the toddler should be able to easily control the direction of the vehicle.

Comfort Level

Each interaction of your kid with the ride-on should be comfortable for him. The sitting position, the steering, the body- all of them need to be cozy for the kid. Because playing with a ride-on is supposed to be fun for him.

Your toddler will want to spend as much time as possible with the electric ride-on. So, it must be comfortable for him. A too-hard or scratchy ride-on can cause health issues in the long run.


The ride-on for a toddler should have all the safety features to keep him 100% safe. Safety door-lock, seatbelts, remote control, high-traction tire, minimum speed- a safe electric ride-on should have all of these to keep your child safe.

For a young kid of 2 years of age, I always prefer ride-on with dual control. Parents should be able to use a remote control to override the control of the vehicle to avoid any accident.


Before buying the electric ride-on, make sure that the battery is strong enough to run it for a long time. Also, the recharge time should not be too long.

A 2-years old kid will not heed to reasons. If the battery dies while he is in the mood to play, he will get upset for sure. Likewise, he will not be ready to wait for a long time to get the battery of the ride-on recharged. So, before buying an electric ride-on for your toddler make sure the battery will not make him cry.


For a 2-years old kid, the outlook of the ride-on has to be likable. If the vehicle does not have a friendly face, he may refuse to sit on it. So you have to find an interesting-looking ride-on for the toddler.

Besides, the appearance of the ride-on should inspire the imaginations of the kid. Any popular cartoon character or any replica of real-life cars can help to enhance his ability to think creatively. It is very important for your toddler to be able to think of the ride-on as one of his friends.

Tire Performance

You should check the tire of any electric ride-on before buying it. If the tires are made from plastic, they may not work well on slippery surfaces. It is better to buy a ride-on that has rubber tractions on its tire. Because higher traction means less slip of the tire.

Depending on the surface on which your toddler will drive the ride-on, you need to choose different types of tires. Some tires run well on concrete surfaces but do not do well on grasses. It is always a better idea to take a test drive of the vehicle on different surfaces.

Speed Limit

This is very important to know and check the maximum speed of a ride-on that your toddler is going to drive. Children will always want to drive the vehicle at its maximum speed. By any chance, if the highest speed of the ride-on is beyond your kid’s capability, he will become a victim of an accident.

No matter what the sales agent claims or the User Manual of the ride-on suggests, you should check the maximum yourself. Some power wheels have a speed-capping feature. It helps you determine the maximum speed of the ride-on yourself. If you have any doubt about your kid’s driving skills, you should buy those toy cars with speed-limiting features.

Bottom Line

As a parent, your duty cannot end on getting the best electric ride-on toy for a 2-years old kid. You can never let your toddler drive the ride-on unattended. Since accidents happen when you expect them the least.

Besides, the kid will always want to show you his success as a driver. You will also enjoy the moment. Because watching your kids grow is a pleasant experience. don't forget to check us out at Best Power Wheel