Can Power Wheels Go on Grass? Let’s find that out!

Can Power Wheels Go on Grass

So, your child finally got Power Wheels. You’re thinking you have a lawn and a miniature car for kids. What could go wrong?

most Power Wheels can go on grass. You can take it for a spin on the lawn or any terrain covered with glass but with safety precautions. Otherwise, you might be endangering your child or subjecting the ride-on car to damage.

But if the terrain is dry, flat, and free of obstruction, you can ease up and let your kid enjoy the Power Wheels on grass. On top of that, secure that the vehicle is operating well.

Can Ride-on Cars Go on Grass?

most ride-on cars like Power Wheels can be driven on the grass to withstand the rough terrain.

However, not all Power Wheels and alternative miniature vehicles can be driven safely in this environment.

Much like a regular car, you have to look closely into the design and recommended users to avoid any issues in the long run.

Next, prepare the lawn and cut them down if necessary. When the grass is high, it could affect the mobility of the Power Wheels. The same goes when it is slippery.

Simply put, just take the time to prepare the terrain and check parts of the ride-on car, such as the tire’s traction and battery capacity.

How to Ride Power Wheels on Grass?

One of the best things about Power Wheels is that your kid can operate it with ease – even if the road can be a bit tricky, like the lawn.

But just in case you’re a bit apprehensive about your child’s safety and enjoyment, here’s a concise guide on riding Power Wheels on grass.

1. Clear the lawn of any obstacles such as rocks, twigs, sharp objects, etc.

2. Level the lawn and fix any extremely uneven part of the ground

3. Manually check if the grass is wet

4. Make sure that the Power Wheels car is charged

5. Let your child take the car to a trial drive

Does Riding Power Wheels on Grass Cause Damages on Your Lawn?

Yes, there is a chance that your lawn can get ruined if Power Wheels are driven on grass. But, this could only happen for two reasons.

First is when your kid rides the Power Wheels too often with a car with rubber or pneumatic tires. If the vehicle has plastic wheels rather than rubber ones, the chances of damage decrease.

Moreover, prolonged driving can scathe or even uproot the grass.

The second is the driving maneuver. Your child performs a lot of turning. Frequent turns can dig the top layer of the soil, which can damage the grass.

Nevertheless, the tendency of Power Wheels to ruin the lawn depends on how you monitor your kid’s driving.

4 Things to Consider Before Riding Power Wheels on Grass

Buying Power Wheels for your child will require research and a brief planning period.

It’s important to know if your yard can sustain the driving and related games your kid will play using the ride-on car.

Likewise, the type of yard you have will most likely affect your choice for a Power Wheels vehicle.

Check out some of the factors you should consider for a Power Wheels on grass riding situation.

Check the Lawn for Bumps

Danger could come in a piece of rock or objects lying on the lawn. Therefore, it is imperative to clear your yard. But that’s not the only thing you should work on.

If your lawn is hilly, you may want to either fix it or reduce the angle of inclination. That way, you can rest assured that your child will not experience any trouble driving the Power wheels car.

Ensure That the Tires Have Enough Traction

Unlike concrete pavement, off-road tracks require more tire traction to prevent slipping or getting stuck in the mud. Traction allows the grip of the tire on the grass.

One way to add traction is by adding rubber on the plastic wheels. Ideal as it may seem, but this is not exactly a cheap upgrade.

Nonetheless, there are Power Wheels vehicles that have better traction compared to the others.

Follow the Weight Limit

It will be more challenging to ride Power Wheels once the weight limit is reached. Driving over grass is already tricky, so adding more weight to the car will only aggravate the difficulty.

A typical 12V Power Wheels vehicle has a weight limit of 130 lbs. Generally, the weight limit for Power Wheels depends on the type of car and the number of passenger seats.

Hence, you may want to consider these factors if you intend to have your child ride the car on the lawn.

Make Sure the Batteries Are Suitable for the Ride

Electric cars offered by Power Wheels have rechargeable batteries that determine the vehicle’s running time and energy capacity.

For stiffer or inclined tracks, more power is needed, so high batter voltage would be required. In the case of tracks covered with grass, a 12 V battery or higher (18 V or 24 V) can be enough to operate a Power Wheel on the lawn at the desired speed.

5 Best Power Wheels Vehicle Type for Grass Terrains

Not all Power Wheels vehicles are suitable for the lawn. Still, there are those car types that are designed for this kind of terrain.

Check out your options when choosing a Power Wheels vehicle that can be driven on grass.

1. ATVs

It’s general knowledge that an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is used outdoors in rough terrain. Therefore, if you have a yard filled with grass, a Power Wheels ATV on amazon is the perfect ride-on vehicle for your child. It has larger than average tires with deep treads that maximize traction.

2. Dune Racer

Another off-road terrain-appropriate Power Wheels vehicle is the dune racer on amazon. It is widely considered an ideal ride-on car for all types of hard surfaces and even wet grass. It has an impeccable traction system and a weight capacity of up to 130 lbs.

3. Jeep Wrangler

Nothing says adventure like the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler on amazon. Not only does it emulate the actual Jeep Wrangler in looks, but it also has features making it a desirable car for the outdoors. The tires have enough grip, and you can store some items on the rear floor.

4. UTV

A ride-on car that mimics a UTV (utility task vehicle) such as the Power Wheels Arctic Cat 1000 on amazon can carry about 130 lbs. of driver and passenger combined weight. The tires are wide and have a bed at the back to store toys and items.

5. SUV

If it’s an all-purpose ride-on car you’re looking for, then you can stick with SUVs (sports utility vehicles). Power Wheels SUVs on amazon have wide tires with deeper treads that can easily go over grass. Plus, the kids can pretend to have a regular drive in the neighborhood with this type of vehicle.

Looking for a specific Power Wheels car model? you can look into the Best Power Wheels for Grass Reviews and Comparisons.

Final Thoughts

Driving a Power Wheels vehicle on grass can be tricky only if you don’t check the lawn first or assess the car’s capacity.

Nonetheless, once you perform all the checking and clearing required, your kid can drive freely and safely right at the comfort of your yard.

So, know more about your target Power Wheels model are how it suits well with your area.