Are Power Wheels Worth the Money? Here What you Need to Know

Are Power Wheels Worth the Money

Your adorable little angel’s birthday is near. He has been persistently demanding a power wheel on this birthday eve. But you have not made up your mind and are still wondering, are power wheels worth the money?

Power wheels truly ensure the value for your money. They can fill up your child’s playtime with enormous joy. Driving power wheels will boost the physical and mental growth of your child. Besides, as a toy, power wheels are highly durable. So, power wheels can be a nice gift for your kid on any occasion.

This article analyzes the worthiness of power wheels as a toy for your kid. Here you will get a clear idea about how much a power wheel costs you and if it confirms the value for the money or not. Besides, you can use this article as a guide to choose the right power wheel for your kid.

How Much Do Power Wheels Cost?

An average-quality power wheel may cost you from $200 to $1000. However, some high-end power wheels may cost you around $2000. The price varies depending on several factors. Here I have explained all the factors that determine the price of a power wheel.

Materials: The body and the tires of the power wheel can be built with different materials. If the body is made from plastic, it lowers the cost of the power wheel. On the other hand, if the body is made from Polypropylene, Alloy Steel, or Iron the price goes high. Likewise, you will have to pay more to get a rubber-made tire instead of a plastic one.

Battery Capacity: All power wheels run on electric batteries. The price of the vehicle depends a lot on the capacity of the battery. Generally, these toy cars come with 6-volt or 12-volt batteries. However, some power wheels can have high-capacity batteries.

Overall Look: The overall look of the power wheel matters a lot to its price. Sometimes, they replicate famous models of branded cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, etc. They may have LED lights, horns, and other features of a real car to have a convincing look. All these features come at a higher price.

Engineering Design: The engineering design of the power wheel also matters in the pricing. A power wheel with a 4-Wheel Drive or spring suspension is likely to cost you more.

Safety Measures: Power wheels may have adjustable seat belts, remote control, door-locking system, slow start, and many other features to ensure the safety of your child. Of course, you need to pay more for these power wheels.

Warranty: Generally, power wheels have limited warranty periods. If you need to extend the warranty, you will have to pay from $40 to $200 more.

Are Power Wheels Worth it?

Power wheels are worth buying because they help your children enjoy a happy childhood. It also enables balanced and smooth mental and physical growth. Here I have enlisted some reasons that may convince you about the worthiness of a power wheel.

Enormous Joy

The play that a kid enjoys the most is to imitate the elders of a family. They know that driving a car is an adult’s job. So, while riding power wheels, children feel pride in themselves.

Kids love motions. They love the movements of cradles when they are infants. They also love to play with the swings when they are toddlers. The same way they just love the motion of the power wheels.

Builds Confidence

While driving a power wheel your child needs to make a lot of decisions. Like when to steer for a turn, accelerating and decreasing speed, making brakes, etc. It helps to build confidence in the child.

Moving from one place to another with the car also develops a sense of independence in the child. The child will carry the confidence with him for the rest of his life.

Motor Skills Development

Controlling the movement of a vehicle also helps to improve the motor skills of a child. As you know, child psychologists always suggest those games that have a lot of motor actions.

While driving, your child requires fast reflexes and good eye-hand coordination. That is why the more they play with power wheels, the better their motor skills become.

Enhanced Physical Activity

Playing with a power wheel for a long time requires a lot of physical stamina. It means, it ensures plenty of physical activity for your child.

Other than driving, power wheels require maintenance that your child should perform. Intense physical activity by driving power wheels makes your child stronger and helps his physical growth a lot.

Promoting Spatial Intelligence

Driving power wheels will also improve your child’s spatial intelligence. The ability to comprehend and generate visual images is called spatial intelligence.

Maneuvering the power wheel through different types of obstacles enhances children’s spatial intelligence. It will help your child the most if he becomes an architect or a painter in the future.

Things to Consider While Buying Power Wheels

As parents, we always try to get only the best things for our kids. And there should not be any exception while buying power wheels for them. You need to be extra cautious while buying power wheels because serious accidents can happen with a lousy toy car.


There can be no compromise with the safety of your child. Any ride can be dangerous if there are not enough safety measures with it. So, carefully check all the safety measures of a power wheel before buying one for the kid. A safe power wheel should have seatbelts, a door-locking system, suspensions under the wheels along other safety features.

Examine the tires of the power wheel carefully. Because they play a crucial role in the child’s safety. If the wheels are slippery, it will be hard to put the brake on.

Health Hazards

You should make sure that the power wheel is made from materials that are not harmful to the human body. Children have weaker immune systems. That is why you need to be extra cautious about whatever they are playing with.

If the body or the tires of the power wheel is made from PVC or harmful plastics, you should never buy them. Since they cause many fatal diseases. PVC materials are hazardous to the mental and physical growth of your child.

Age Limit

Generally, power wheels are for kids aged from three to seven. Confirm that the power wheel matches your child’s age.

Otherwise, he will not feel comfortable while sitting in the car. He may also have problems reaching the brake or the steering if the power wheel is for older kids.

Battery Life

Try to buy a power wheel with long battery life. If the battery dies too quickly and in the middle of the play, it will only make your kid frustrated.

Another factor is the recharging period. Before buying a power wheel, ask the sales agent exactly how long it takes to recharge the car. Otherwise, your kid may get impatient after waiting for a long time to get the battery recharged.

Maximum Speed

On average, power wheels have speeding power from 2MPH to 6MPH. The maximum speed varies with the age limit. However, not all children have equal mental growth with age.

If your child has a problem with the speed of power wheels for his age group, you should ask for a power wheel that has a lower pace.

Last Remarks

I bet good power wheels will remain with your child for the rest of his life as a pleasant childhood memory. Your kid will love you more for the power wheel. But you need to choose the right power wheel for your kid, keeping in mind his physical and mental characteristics.

Also, never forget to regularly check all the safety features of the power wheel to avoid any accidents.