Are Power Wheels Tires Interchangeable? Let’s See The Reality!

Are Power Wheels Tires Interchangeable

You always knew that power wheels are highly durable and can run without repairs for years. Now, you have discovered that the tires on your kid’s power wheel need to be changed. You are thinking of replacing the tires with those of another power wheel that is not in use. But are power wheels tires interchangeable?

Unfortunately, you cannot interchange the tires on power wheels of different models because each model comes with a unique set of tires made only for it. Interchanging tires between different power wheels will reduce the performance of the vehicle. Moreover, it can make the power wheel act erratically and may even cause accidents.

In this article, I will explain why you cannot interchange tires on different power wheels. I have also included a simple step-by-step guide to replace the tires of a power wheel with new tires of the same model. Besides, the article will also inform you about upgrading under-performing tires.

Can You Interchange The Tires Of A Power Wheel?

No, you cannot interchange the tires of a power wheel with a different model of power wheel. Because manufacturers produce specific tires for a specific model of power wheel, you may find tires for a different power wheel that look very similar to tires of another power wheel. But it is never a wise idea to interchange the tires of a power wheel.

If you try to interchange tires on power wheels of different models, it will affect the overall performance of the vehicle. Moreover, the chances of accidents also rise when you use another model of power wheel. The solution is to use new tiers of the same model of power wheel or to upgrade the tire that you wish to change.

How To Replace Tires Of A Power Wheel?

Replacing the tires on a power wheel is not rocket science. Most power wheels need to be assembled when they are bought. If you have already done that, it will be a very easy task for you. You can replace the tires on a power wheel even if you have never touched one before. You can do it without the help of a professional by performing the following steps.

Step 1: Get Prepared

First of all, get prepared with all the required tools and a compatible new tire to replace a faulty tire on the power wheel. Get a flat-blade screwdriver and a hammer. Make sure that the new tires are compatible with the exact model of the wheel power. To be sure of it, measure and compare the new tires with the older tires of the vehicle.

The best way to make sure that the tires are compatible with the power wheel is to buy the new tires from the manufacturer of the vehicle. Clean the power wheel before starting the task. You can use a soaked towel to do the cleaning. I always feel more comfortable replacing a tire when the vehicle is clean.

Step 2: Position the Power Wheel

This is a tricky part of the whole process of changing the tires on a power wheel. You will be tempted to turn the toy car upside down to replace its tires. But you simply can not do that. Because it may harm the body, steering, or any other part of the power wheel. You need to position the power wheel in such a place that all its tires get free from the weight of the vehicle.

Besides, the position of the power wheel should also let you access all the tires with ease. One solution is to use small stools right in the middle of the vehicle to keep it lifted and steady. Another option is to use a mini-jack to lift the power wheel. You should only use a jack if you are positive that it will not cause any harm to the soft materials of the power wheel.

Step 3: Remove Old Tires

Now that the car is lifted in a steady position and all the tires are free from the weight of the vehicle, you need to start removing the old tires that you have to replace. Start by removing the retainer caps. Using the flat-blade screwdriver, make a penetration between the hubcap and the retainer cap. Put some pressure in an angled position to lift the retainer cap.

Gradually get the whole retainer loosened by putting pressure on different points of the tire. After getting the retainer cap out of the vehicle, you can now easily open the hubcap. Retainer caps and hubcaps keep the tire attached to the power wheel. Now that they are gone, the old tire will come off the vehicle very easily. Repeat the process for the rest of the old tires.

Step 4: Install New Tires

Now, it is time to attach the new tires to the power wheel. Some specific models of power wheels use wheels of different sizes for their front and rear axles. You need to make sure you have chosen the right wheel for a specific axle. Carefully position the new tire on the vehicle. Take a hubcap and attach it to the power wheel. It is the hubcap that should hold onto the wheel.

Attaching the hubcap will require some pressure. You can use your hand to apply the required pressure on the hubcap. If you find it uncomfortable to pressurize the hubcap with your hand, you can use a small hammer for the task. But you need to be cautious while using the hammer because it can cause damage to many soft materials in the power wheel.

Step 5: Check the New Tires

The last step of replacing a tire on the power wheel is to check whether the installation was perfect or not. Since your kid will drive the vehicle, make sure that the new tires will not behave unusually while driving.

Before getting down the power wheel to the lifted position, check the rotation of the tires before starting the engine. Also, watch if all the tires are rotating at the same speed or not. It may take some time for the new tires to get synchronized with the power wheel. Keep testing the wheel for at least half an hour. Let your kid drive the car under your close supervision for a while.

It's A Good Idea To Upgrade The Original Tires

Even if the tires on your kid’s power wheel are not damaged, you can think of upgrading them for better performance. You can upgrade the tires with manufacturer-produced tires. The other options are using pneumatic or rubber tires. You can easily find compatible tires at online stores like Amazon.

You can upgrade your power wheel tires without spending too much if you decide to buy rubber-made tires. On the other hand, choosing pneumatic tires for upgrading your child’s power wheels will enhance performance. The only problem with pneumatic tires is that you need to modify them before installing them on your kid’s power wheel.

While upgrading the tires, keep in mind the specific requirements of your kid for riding the power wheel. An important consideration should be on which surface the power wheel runs most of the time.

Bottom Line

After all, children are children! They'll never fail to surprise you with their mischievous behavior. Regardless of how sturdy the power wheels tires are, they might get damaged. As a result, knowing how to change and upgrade the tires on a power wheel will always come in handy.

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