Are Power Wheels Batteries Deep Cycle? Here is What you need to know

Power Wheels Batteries Deep Cycle

So, apparently, Power Wheels vehicles mimic an actual car that their batteries almost look like the ones regular cars use.

But these batteries are designed not just to copy the aesthetics of a car battery. They’ve actually created that way for long hours of usage without compromising the weight of the electric toy car.

Power Wheels cars usually have sealed lead acid (SLA) deep cycle batteries. Deep cycle batteries are designed to discharge 20% to 50% of their capacity. Then you can recharge it many times over.

Therefore, when upgrading your battery or looking for a suitable replacement, you first need to check whether the batter is a deep cycle type. You can’t just grab a similar-looking battery on the shelf. This could be detrimental to your child’s Power Wheels.

But don’t worry if you’re not familiar with how to choose the best batteries for your Power Wheel because we’ll help you out. So, just keep reading.

What Kind of Battery Is a Power Wheels Battery?

Power Wheels batteries are a deep cycle that comes in different voltages: 6V, 12V, and 24V. They are rechargeable and can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance.

At first look, deep cycle batteries look like a smaller replica of an actual battery. However, it’s pretty different from the real thing.

For starters, it’s lightweight and relies on an electrical current. But it’s more than just that because it is intended to sustain a consistent amount of current, even for an extended period.

It can discharge many times, which is not possible with a car battery. Nonetheless, to do this process requires more reliable plates in the structure.

Are Deep Cycle Batteries Long Lasting?

Yes, deep cycle batteries are long-lasting and can remain functional for about 6 years. In addition, optimizing energy production in deep cycle batteries allows its reusability for an extended time.

As the battery produces a steady amount of power output for a long time, it eventually discharges, which requires a charging period to complete the cycle.

But to achieve its maximum lifespan, you will also have to secure proper battery care and maintenance. This means the charging time is strictly followed as in no overcharging nor undercharging. Likewise, the frequency of use is also controlled.

While it is part of the deep cycle battery’s nature to have better longevity than an average toy battery, it is still prone to damage and failure if not correctly used.

Power Wheels Batteries Deep Cycle

How to Choose the Best Battery for Power Wheels?

Whether you’re upgrading your batteries or finding a high-quality replacement for a worn-out unit, it’s always recommended to set some reliable standards. This will let you narrow down your choices to the best in the biz and save you some precious time in the process.

So, to cut to the chase, here’s a brief guide on how to buy your next Power Wheels battery.

1. Always go for deep cycle batteries

At this point, it goes without saying, but we’d still like to emphasize it still: you should never settle for anything other than a deep cycle battery.

Riding a Power Wheels may not take as long as driving a car on a Sunday road trip, but still, your child deserves more playtime. Aside from the fact that Power Wheels require a deep cycle battery,

2. Look for batteries labeled as AGM, SLA, or VRLA.

That’s a lot of letters. But they are all excellent references for high-quality batteries.

If you have already been looking around potential Power Wheels battery replacement, then chances are, you have encountered the acronyms SLA, VRLA, and AGM.

SLA stands for sealed lead acid, while VRLA means valve regulated lead acid. These batteries are best known as leak-proof, resilient to positional changes, and require zero to low maintenance.

On the other hand, AGM stands for absorbed glass mat. So basically, AGM is a particular type of SLA/VRLA battery that ensures better absorption of electrolytes.

3. Check the total number of recharging times.

The cycle rating of a battery provides insight into its longevity. Cycle rating refers to the number of recharging times the battery can before it completely surrenders.

Naturally, it is recommended to look for a Power Wheels battery with more cycles as it entails a longer lifespan.

4. Go for batteries with a higher voltage rating.

If you’re aiming for a battery upgrade, the first thing you might be thinking about is improving the performance and usage of the Power Wheels car.

With that, you should consider going for a battery with a higher voltage. First, however, make sure you check that it fits the model and engine.

5. Choose a battery with more ampere-hours (Ah).

The more Ah there is in a battery, the longer it can operate and provide stable current to the Power Wheels car.

With that, you don’t have to worry about your child getting stuck in the middle of the park because the battery needed immediate charging.

Here Are Long Lasting Power Wheels Battery Replacement You Can Buy

If you’re wondering which Power Wheels battery replacements are reliable and considered top-quality in the market, then you found your way on the right list. Check out your best options for the best Power Wheels batteries.

1. 24V 7Ah Replacement Battery for 24 Volt Realtree UTV Disney Princess

This Replacement Battery on amazon ensures long-lasting performance. Your kid can ride the Power Wheels for days without the need for recharging as long as it is moderately used. It’s also lightweight and can be installed easily.

2. Mighty Max SLA AGM Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

If you’re looking for a deep cycle battery that can withstand weather harshness, then you opt to consider the Mighty Max SLA AGM Rechargeable Battery on amazon, so you can expect lesser maintenance.

More importantly, this 12V 100Ah battery can last for hours. Therefore, it’s a perfect replacement if your child loves to spend longer playtime with a Power Wheels car.

3. Weize SLA AGM Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

The Weize SLA AGM Rechargeable Battery on amazon runs at 12V and is known to provide extended hours of use. It’s a simple hook up to the car, which unloads the burden of complicated installation. It’s a suitable alternative if you are looking to upgrade your child’s Power Wheels battery.

4. ML12-12 - 12 Volt 12 AH SLA Battery 

This ML12-12 - 12 Volt 12 AH SLA Battery on amazon has been nodded on for its stable power usage proving useful to many deep cycle battery applications. With that, you can expect its suitable function for Power Wheels ride-on cars.

Furthermore, it has an alternative source of energy, especially when you’re using the Power Wheels in the open.

Final Thoughts

Buying a replacement battery for Power Wheels begins with looking for a deep cycle type. Going in another direction is generally considered unwise. You wouldn’t want to degrade your child’s Power Wheels battery, am I right?

Deep cycle batteries are always the top choice as they guarantee long-lasting use, which is the main reason why it’s part of the Power Wheel design.

So consider the batteries mentioned above if you’re having trouble looking for the best ones in the market. And if you’re also figuring out which Power Wheels vehicle is the best out there, check out this read.