6v vs 12v Power Wheels: What’s the Best One?

6v vs 12v Power Wheels
How a Power Wheels Battery Life Expectancy Decreases

Are you getting ready to buy a new power wheel? If so, you've probably seen a lot of different motorized vehicles on the market. Certain power wheels can travel at 5mph, while others might only be able to go 2.5 mph.

Something else you'll see when looking at ride-on cars is 6v and 12v batteries, among other things. These are voltage ratings for the batteries that power these miniature vehicles.

It might seem like battery voltages aren't that important. But the differences between these two types of batteries mean more than you might think.

So, what are the differences between 6v vs 12v power wheels?

6V vs 12V Power Wheels: Which One Is Best for My Child?

As a parent, it's understandable to want the best power wheels for your child. So, you might be wondering which option is best, either a 6-volt battery or a 12-volt battery? The answer to this question depends on a few factors that we'll discuss further below.

Age Ranges for Power Wheel Batteries

Another thing to think about is your child's weight. Larger children might be better suited to a power wheel that has a 12-volt battery.

This is why many motorized vehicles that feature a 12-volt battery are suited for children ages 3 to 6 years old. Power wheels with 6-volt batteries are best for younger children, ages 1 to 3 years old.

Does a Power Wheel Battery Affect Seating Limits?

It's understandable to assume that battery power will affect how many children can ride in a power wheel. With that said, seating capacity depends on what kind of ride-on car you're buying.

In most cases, power wheels meant for two children will have a 12-volt battery. Certain two-seater power wheels will have even larger batteries with higher voltages, including 18 and 24-volt batteries.

Most one-seater power wheels will contain a 6-volt battery. Although, it's possible to find many one-seater power wheels that feature a 12-volt battery.

6v vs 12v Power Wheels: Which One is Faster?

Something that's on the minds of both parents and children is wondering how fast a power wheel will go. It's understandable if you want to learn more about a power wheel's top speed. The top speed of these ride-on cars is directly affected by what kind of battery is inside it.

A ride-on car with a 6-volt battery inside it typically travels at a top speed of about 2 to 3 miles per hour.

Ride-on cars that have 12-volt batteries inside of them travel at a top speed of about 5 to 6 miles per hour.

How Battery Voltage Levels Determine Charging Times

It's now time to learn how battery voltages affect charging times. After a certain period of use, every battery that's inside of a power wheel will begin losing energy. Fortunately, these batteries only need a charging session to gain their energy back.

With that in mind, charging times will vary when comparing 6-volt and 12-volt batteries. Most 6-volt batteries require an initial charging time of about 10 hours. After this first charge, a 6-volt battery can go from dead to fully charged in about 6 hours.

12-volt batteries need longer charging times than 6-volt batteries. For first time use, you'll need to charge a 12-volt battery for about 18 hours. Repeat charges should last about 12 hours.

Here's a helpful guide for the battery life of power wheels that you might also find useful.

Top-Rated 6V Power Wheels - Perfect for Younger Children

Now that you understand more about how battery voltage levels affect how power wheels perform, it's time to learn about a few popular 6-volt power wheels. As we mentioned earlier, these motorized vehicles will be best for either smaller children or those who weigh less than 50lbs.

1. Best Choice Products - 6V Ride-On Truck :

If you're looking for an excellent power wheel that seats one, the Best Choice Products 6V Ride-On Truck might be perfect for your child. This ride-on car also features a remote control, which is great for worried parents that want to control this vehicle.

This 6V power wheel also includes an AUX outlet to let your child bring along their favorite music. With its 6-volt battery, this power wheel reaches a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour. With this type of battery, this ride-on truck will perform best on hard surfaces on low-cut grass.

2. Kid Trax Chevy Colorado 6 Volt Truck Ride-On:

Your child might also enjoy Kid Trax Chevy Colorad Ride-On. Designed to look just like a real Chevy Colorad, this motorized vehicle has a bunch of cool features. It's also a little faster than the 6V power wheel from Best Choice Products, featuring a maximum speed of 2.5 miles per hour.

The Chevy Colorad Ride-On Truck features a battery life indicator, cup holders, opening doors, a tailgate that opens, and it even comes with chrome rims. Needless to say, your child will feel like they're driving mom or dad's car in this power wheel.

This power wheel has a maximum weight capacity of 77 lbs and seats one child.

For more information, here's a recent article we wrote about the weight limit on power wheels.

If 6-volt power wheels aren't right for you, there are plenty of 12-volt motorized vehicles on the market. Here are more details about a few popular 12-volt power wheels.

3. Best Choice Products 12V Ride-On Truck:

One of the top-rated 12V power wheels is the 12-Volt Ride-On Truck from Best Choice Products. It's important to note that this power wheel only seats one child, meaning that this vehicle's 12-volt power might be too much for some children. Fortunately, it also comes with a remote control that has three speed settings.

It also features LED lights, spring suspension, and 14-inch wheels that provide superior traction. A child can also use this power wheel's AUX outlet to bring along their favorite music.

4. TOBBI Mercedes Benz 12V Ride-On Car:

Another popular licensed power wheel is the Mercedes Benz 12V power wheel. This ride-on car features a top speed of 5 miles per hour and can seat two occupants at once. The Mercedes Benz power wheel features LED lights, seat belts, and an MP3 player.

It's also controllable with a remote control that has three speed settings to help ensure no child's driving too fast.


It might seem like there's not a lot of difference between two different kinds of power wheel batteries. However, the differences between 6v vs 12v batteries can be quite astounding. In most cases, 12v battery power wheels are better for older drivers. Younger children should get plenty of enjoyment from 6v battery power wheels.